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Exporting Cars from the USA to the Dominican Republic

Date: 10/26/2015 |Category: Exporting Cars

Market Overview 

The Dominican Republic heavily imports Japanese vehicles due to their durability and low cost. The demand for used vehicles in the country is increasing continuously.

According to Best Selling Cars Blog, the Hyundai Tucson is the best-seller in the country with 1,429 sales and 7.4% market share. The Isuzu D-Max holds a 9% share. Sales of the Ford Explorer are up 50% to 759 sales in fourth place, and for the Kia Sportage up 63% to 647 units at #6. The best performer in the Top 10 is the Hyundai Accent benefiting from the launch of the new generation and up a massive 527%. Other growth vehicles include the Jeep Grand Cherokee up… 1029% to #12, the Kia Sorento up 808% to #13 and the Kia Picanto up 117% to #15. (1) 


  •  Developing market with growth potential and taste for vehicles available for purchase in the United States
  • Free-trade agreement with the United States (CAFTA-DR)
  • Free-trade areas (51% of exports)
  • Political stability


  • Still an underdeveloped market that contains significant import restrictions.

Departure Ports Serving the Dominican Republic

Departure / Arrival Ports for RORO car shipping

  • Bayonne, NJ to Santa Domingo, DR
  • Baltimore, MD to Rio Haina, DR
  • Jacksonville, FL to Rio Haina, DR
  • Jacksonville, FL to Puerto Plata, DR
  • Port Everglades to Rio Haina, DR
  • Houston, TX to Rio Haina, DR

Departure / Arrival Ports for CONTAINER shipping

  • Linden, NJ to Santa Domingo, DR (Shared Container)

Arrival Ports

Arrival Port (RORO Ships)

  • Rio Haina

Arrival Ports (Container Ships)

  •  Rio Haina
  • Santo Domingo

Documentation Requirements

  • A clear Title of Ownership is required for shipping the vehicle.
  • Commercial/Purchase Invoice

Other Requirements

  • The import of automobiles and light trucks (under five tons) over five years old is prohibited under law no. 147 of December 27, 2000.
  • The import of vehicles five tons or heavier, over 15 years old, is prohibited under the law no. 12-01 of January 17, 2001.
  • Only one vehicle is allowed for importation per person.
  • All vehicles being imported must be in the owner’s possession for a minimum of one year before importation.
  • Engine size on all imported vehicles is limited to six cylinders.
  • Importation of all luxury vehicles is prohibited.
  • Motorcycles are subject to taxes and duties.
  • The importer must be present in the Dominican Republic for customs clearance of any vehicle.

Other Import Procedures

For additional import procedures see:

Import Duties and Taxes


Import duty and taxes are due when importing goods into the Dominican Republic whether by a private individual or commercial entity.  The valuation method is CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight). In addition to duty, imports are also subject to Sales Tax, Exchange Surcharge, and Luxury Tax on certain products.

Vehicles are subject to the Luxury Tax (Impuesto Selectivo al Consumo). It is a consumption tax on luxury imports or “non-essential” goods that ranges between 15 and 60 percent.

The tax is calculated on the CIF price.

  • There is a 17 percent tax on the first matricula (registration document) for all vehicles.
  • The Dominican Republic assesses all imported new and used passenger vehicles (except pick-up trucks) with a variable ISC, and an eight percent sales tax. The tariff amount is not included in the calculation of the ISC; however, the sales tax is assessed on the sum of the vehicle’s value plus the tariff plus the ISC. Whereby a 2% tax is levied on any change of ownership of motor vehicles (Art. 9 of Law #173-07). The transfer tax must be paid within three months of the date of the acquisition.

If you are in the USA and need the latest vehicle import duty for the Dominican Republic, contact the Embassy in Washington, DC.
Dominican Republic Embassy in Washington, DC

1715 22nd Street, NW
Washington DC 20008
Tel: 202-332-6280

If you are in Dominican Republic, you can call them by phone here (809) 547–7070 (this is a DR phone number, not USA number).

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(1) http://bestsellingcarsblog.com/tag/dominican-republic/

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