Export cars from the U.S.

When buying a car in the US to export abroad, either for personal reasons, or to run as a business, there is a lot you need to know – from shipping considerations to insurance, and government customs considerations. Take a look at some of the main issues faced by exporters, and the simplest ways of dealing with them.

Export cars from the U.S.

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How long to ship a car from USA to Nigeria?

Nigerian used car market is supplied mostly with imported vehicles, 90 percent to be more precise. The market, however, has endured a bad spell as the government set out to …

5 months ago updated 11/26/2018
Uganda Imposes Ban on Older Car Imports

Earlier this year Uganda’s Parliament debated legislation limiting the age of used cars imported into the country to 15 years. The bill was passed in May and came into force …

5 months ago
What Type of Car Should I Buy in Accra, Ghana?

Before buying a car, there are various factors you need to consider. These include the price of the car against your budget, fuel consumption of the vehicle, the model of …

6 months ago
How to Buy American Cars in Ghana Cheaply?

When you are looking to buy a car, you always want the best quality that can fit your budget. But often budget and quality don’t go hand in hand, so …

6 months ago
How to Import a Salvage Car into Ghana from the United States

The African country of Ghana has seen more than one million cars get imported over a period of 10 years, from 2005 to 2016, with 80 percent of these vehicles …

6 months ago
6 Efficient, Reliable and Suitable Cars for Ghana

There are plenty of variables to take into account when buying a car in Ghana. However, there is a couple of factors that stand out. Reliability, efficiency, and suitability for …

6 months ago
How to Ship a Car Overseas: A Step-By-Step Guide

When you ship a car overseas, you can find everything confusing, especially for first-timers. The possibility of overlooking basic things and the challenge of choosing a reliable and reputable shipping …

7 months ago updated 10/08/2018
How To Export Cars from the USA to the Dominican Republic

Exporting Cars from the USA to the Dominican Republic
Market Overview 
We see a massive export of Japanese cars from the USA to the Dominican Republic due to their durability, safety, low …

9 months ago
What Are The Plusses and Minuses of RORO Shipping for Used Cars?

International buyers are increasingly turning to online dealer auto auctions in the U.S. to buy used cars. The reason for this is simple. These auctions provide buyers with the chance …

2 years ago
Is It Possible to Import Used Cars from Dealer Auctions into My Country?

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve likely heard about how popular dealer auctions are becoming in the United States. In decades past, these auctions had been largely inaccessible to …

2 years ago updated 12/03/2017
What Should an International Buyer Know when Using Online Dealer Auctions?

There are now a number of websites that offer access to dealer auctions in the United States. Breaking the monopoly that dealers once had on these auctions, these websites now …

2 years ago
How to Avoid Making a Big Mistake when You Buy a Used Car

Buying a used car is one of those things that are much easier said than done. When you’re in the market, there are a number of different obstacles that you …

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Overcoming Difficulties When Using US Dealer Auctions as an International Buyer

When it comes to buying a used car in the United States, websites that provide access to dealer auctions have changed the game. These websites are able to allow ordinary …

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How to Use Online Dealer Auto Auctions in the U.S. as an International Buyer

There’s something that has dramatically changed the automotive market in the United States. In recent years, a number of websites that offer access to dealer auctions have appeared. These websites …

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How Foreigners Can Save Thousands by Bidding in US Dealer Auto Auctions

No matter where you live in the world, purchasing a vehicle is always an expensive proposition. For this reason, consumers across the globe are always looking for the best means …

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