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Shipping & Delivery

  • When can I pick up a car I have won at auction?

    Customers are advised to confirm payment with Auto Auction Mall before attempting to pick up a car they have won at auction.  Vehicles cannot be released until funds are confirmed and posted to your account and we have notified the Auction Clearing House that the car will be picked up.

  • How do I pick up the car I purchased?

    You will need a tow truck or other transport company to pick up the vehicle. The vehicle cannot be driven off the auction lot as it will not have proper registration, tags nor insurance.

    If you have a transport company that could assist you with picking up the car, you are welcome to use them. You will first need to give us all the information regarding the company that will pick up the car so that we can notify the Auction Clearing House and arrange for its release.

    If you do not have a transport company to help, we can assist you with the transportation of your vehicle.  Please feel free to call our team at 1-800-680-8010 or email us at [email protected].

  • What if I am sending the car overseas; how do I ship my car?

    For international clients shipping cars overseas, you will need to pick up the car from the auction location and get it delivered to a port in the United States for export to your country. The ground transportation will be as mentioned in the previous FAQ. In addition, you will need send your car by ocean freight to your country.

    Once again, if you have a customs broker and freight forwarder, you are welcome to use them for this.  However, if you do not, we will be able to assist you.  Please contact our team at 1-800-680-8010 or email us at [email protected].

  • Are there storage fees if I cannot pick up my vehicle immediately?

    Once a vehicle is purchased, the Auction Clearing House provides a short a grace period within which to pick up the vehicle.  Generally, Auction Clearing House lots will give you 2-days of free storage (including the date that the vehicle was purchased) if the buy now option was used to purchase the vehicle and 3-days of free storage (including the date the vehicle was purchased/won) if you won the vehicle through auction.

    If the vehicle has not been picked up by this time, the Auction Clearing House will start charging a storage fee on a daily basis.  The storage fees can get as high as $30 – $75 per day (depending on the Auction Clearing House and each lot).

    We strongly recommend that you make payment and arrange transport for your car as soon as possible after you have purchased the car to avoid these unnecessary additional costs.

    Please keep in mind that if the vehicle is not picked up within 7-days from the sale date, the Auction Clearing House will re-list and sell your vehicle to cover their storage fees and if the sale price is not enough to cover the storage you will still be responsible for the balance owing to the auction clearing house.

  • I have an agent working on my behalf can this person pick up my vehicle?

    Yes. Overseas customers often appoint a broker or an agent to pick up the vehicle on their behalf.

    Customers who are using someone to pick up the vehicle on their behalf must notify us in advance of the pickup and provide authorization for the pickup. The broker or agent picking up the vehicle must provide identification and an executed brokerage or agency agreement showing authority to work on the customer’s behalf.