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  • How do I search for a car available at auction?

    We try to make searching for a vehicle as easy as possible. You can choose to search either by Body Type (if you are not sure what specific make and model you are interested in) or by Make and Model if you know what you want.

    If you are searching by Body Type, simply choose the body style you are interested in, the years you want to filter your selection and your zip code so that you can find cars close to you. Hint – sometimes to find the best deal, you should have a large search radius because some makes and models sell for cheaper in certain parts of the country. Even though you may pay a bit more in shipping, the savings could be significant.

    If you are searching by Make and Model, just pick the make and model, the year range and the geographic location and you will see all the relevant results. Then it’s just a matter of the finding the price that fits within your budget.

    When you see the search results, you can filter the results so that you narrow your search even more. We usually have over 100,000 cars on our site so to get specific results for what you are looking for will greatly help your car search.

    Finally, you are able to use the search bar to type in your search as well. This function is available on the search results page. Our search bar is intuitive and gives you the ability to search by year, make, model, location, VIN, title status, etc….

    In all, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to find the car that you want!