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  • Is there anything that I can do if the vehicle I purchased has more damage than shown in the pictures?

    Unfortunately, no. Since we do not independently verify the information about the car provided by the auction clearing house and do not see nor take possession of the vehicle before it is delivered to you, we cannot offer any forms of warranties, guarantees or representation as to the vehicle or its condition. This includes if your car has more damage than what the description or pictures on our site depicted.

    Please understand that the photos shown on our site do not generally include pictures of the undercarriage or latent defects. These are the only photos that the auction clearing house has provided of the vehicle and we cannot get any additional photos, nor do we inspect the car. Because of this we do not know if there is additional damage on the car not shown in the photographs or included in the damage report or if there have been previous repairs or not.

    As mentioned in the FAQ page above, all cars sold on our site are sold “as-is, where-is, with all faults”.