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  • What can I do during the period before the auction starts?

    You are able to do several things, depending on the type of auction:

    Pre-Bidding – You can make preliminary bids (Pre-Bids) by pressing the Place Bid button in the car listing page. The bid that you enter here is your maximum bid amount, i.e. the most that you want to bid on this car, which could be the next higher incremental bid or several hundred dollars above that. We go into more detail about Pre-Bidding and strategy in the FAQ pages below. SPOILER ALERT – it’s not a great strategy.

    Buy Now – If the car has a Buy Now option and you are happy with the price, you can click the Buy Now button and purchase the car before it ever goes to live auction. This gives you certainty that you will get the car for the state price and also avoid the chance that the bidding will go above the Buy Now price.

    Make Offer – For most of the cars listed on our site, you can Make an Offer to buy the vehicle before it goes to live auction. This feature is available even when there is a Buy Now option and permits you to offer a price that is less than the Buy Now amount to see if the seller is willing to sell at this lower price.