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  • What do the Bid and/or the Buy Now amounts include?

    The Bid and/or the Buy Now amounts set out in the car listing page only covers the current pre-bid or the Buy Now price of the vehicle. This amount does not include the additional fees related to the purchase of the vehicle.

    Fees you will be charged upon winning the car at auction, if your offer is accepted through the Make Offer button or using the Buy Now option are: i) the Auto Auction Mall access fee, which is a flat fee of $249 (if the vehicle purchase price is below $3,500) or $299 (if the vehicle purchase price is $3,500 or above), ii) Documentation fee ($75), iii) the Auction Clearing House fee (this amount varies depending on the sales price which is a fee charged by the Auction Clearing House) and iv) transportation costs.

    To see these fees (other than transportation which is calculated at purchase), you can click the Fee Calculator located on each car listing.

    Please note that the Auction Clearing House fee in the Fee Calculator is based on the either the then highest pre-bid or, if the car has a Buy Now option, the Buy Now price.  The Auction Clearing House fee will be different if the final purchase price of the vehicle is different than either of these amounts. Therefore, we have given you the ability to input the purchase price you want to pay for the vehicle in the Fee Calculator in order to see what the Auction Clearing House fee will be.