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  • What does Run and Drive mean?

    When the vehicle was checked-in to the Auction Clearing House’s lot, the vehicle (a) started (either with or without a jump), (b) could be put into gear and (c) was capable of moving forward under its own power. There is no warranty, guaranty or representation that (a) the vehicle can be driven on the roads or highways within any state in the US or is roadworthy, (b) that the vehicle will start (with or without a jump), drive and/or move forward or backward under its own power when picked up from the Auction Clearing House or thereafter.

    Since all of the information provided on our site is from the auction clearing house, it is your sole responsibility to determine, confirm, research and/or inspect the vehicle prior to bidding on and/or buying the car. This vehicle is being sold “as-is, where-is” with all faults. Auto Auction Mall has not verified this information in any way.

    Also, keep in mind, and this is important, if the auction clearing house stated that the vehicle runs and drives that means the vehicle started and moved when the vehicle arrived at the auction facility and was only tested on that day (i.e. it was not tested again). Between that time and when the vehicle is delivered to you, it could stop working for various reasons. The auction clearing house does not provide any guaranty or warranty on this and neither can we.