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  • What is the difference between an “Auction” car and a “Buy Now” car?

    Auction – A car that is available for Auction means that you can bid on this car and have a chance to win the car if you are the highest bidder. It’s really exciting!

    There are two types of car auctions: i) an auction with a reserve and ii) a pure sale (we explain both these concepts in the next FAQ pages).

    Buy Now – Some of our auctions will also include a Buy Now option. A car that is available as a Buy Now means that you can purchase the car for the Buy Now amount at any time up until about 1 hour before the auction starts. Although not the only way, it sure is the easiest way to buy a car on our site as you have certainty that you will get that car for the price listed without having to bid against buyers (at the live auction) and worry about whether you have met the reserve for the car.

    Auto Auction Mall makes it easy for you to find the type of sale you are looking for. We give you the ability to filter by sale type so that you can find auction cars or cars that have a Buy Now option. Use the “Sale Type” filters on the left side of the search page ( to filter between Auctions and Buy Now sale types to narrow your search.