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  • Where do I find the more information about the car that I am interested in?

    Each car listing page will have a wealth of information about the car.

    On the car listing page, you will find pictures of the car, the current bid for the vehicle, the buy now price (if applicable), the finance from price as well as the loan calculator, the title status, vehicle status, damage, mileage and its location. We also give you a list of known specs for the car on that page along with additional tools to help you decide if this car is right for you, such as information about market pricing for the vehicle and cost of ownership.

    Some of the items in the banner under the pictures provide you with additional important information. Each of the title, status, damage and mileage information have tooltips (i.e. ⓘ) which you can hover your mouse over and a pop-up will give you more information about that section (for the damage section, you need to click the tooltip for more information). For example, if you hover your mouse over the tooltip in the Status section you will get more information what that particular Status means.

    Please note all of this information comes from the Auction Clearing House so we cannot guaranty its accuracy.