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  • Your car listings permit me to Make an Offer. How does that work and is it practical?

    Some of the dealer-only car auctions allow the car to be sold before the car auction starts and below the Buy Now price if the Seller accepts an offer made on the car.

    It sounds easy and you’re probably thinking, “okay, so why don’t I make a low offer and see if the seller accepts the price” right? That probably won’t work, but you are on the right track. You see, the seller needs to be enticed to accept your offer before the car goes to auction. There is a strategy for this. If this is a reserve auction (as explained above) we need to make an educated guess what the reserve price would be and make an offer that is close to that price so that the Seller is willing to accept.

    Don’t worry though, we are here for you! Once you have registered on our site and found the car that you want to make an offer on you can click the Make Offer button and input your maximum offer or you can call our customer success team at 1-800-680-8010 or email us at [email protected] to discuss what the best offer would be for that car.