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Five Tips for Shipping Used Cars from the USA Overseas

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/26/2022 Posted: 10/15/2015

If you live outside of the United States and have bought a used vehicles from an auction, you will have to think about how you are going to get the vehicle from the US to your country. Fortunately, a number of shipping companies can bring your car to a port near you. However, finding the right company can be difficult.

Tip #1: Get a Quote

You always want to know how much you will have to pay when you are shipping used cars from the USA to another country. This means you will need to get quotes from several different companies. You don’t necessarily want to go with the cheapest option, as cheaper is not always better.

You also need to think about how to get the vehicle from the point of sale to the port. Some shipping companies will have a trucking service that can take the vehicle from the auction site to the ship that will carry it overseas. When you use the same company for both the land and sea shipping, you may be able to get a discount.

When you get your quote, make sure you read all of the fine print, so as to avoid any unexpected shipping charges.

Tip #2: Check for Cargo Insurance

Make sure that the company has cargo insurance. The minimum liability insurance should be greater than the value of your vehicle. This is particularly important if you are buying a sports car or a luxury vehicle.

Tip #3: Help With Customs

Check if the company can offer any help when it comes to dealing with customs clearance in your country. This can make getting the vehicle much easier. However, you should still check the duties and taxes for your local customs so you know how much you will have to pay to get the vehicle.

Also, if you are importing a salvage vehicle, make sure you know the rules on transporting the vehicle once it arrives. Since it has a salvage title, you may not be able to drive it until you make repairs and change the title.

Tip #4: Check for Reviews

Even though everything might seem great with the company you are considering thus far, take some time to check the reviews. Look and see what other people like you have to say about the experience. Did they have a good and easy time shipping used cars from the USA or was it a hassle?

Tip #5: Check the Vehicle

Once the vehicle arrives, check it to make sure that there was no damage during the shipping. If there was, get in touch with the shipping company right away so you can file a claim.

When you take your time and do your homework, you can find a great company that can make shipping used cars from the USA to your country as easy and hassle free as possible.

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