Get in on the Action of a Dealer’s Auction for Vehicles

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/30/2018 Posted: 05/12/2017

Buying cars at auction offers some nice benefits, and many people today are learning the ins and outs of auctions to get great deals. While the public can attend some types of auctions, such as government auctions and public auctions, as well as online auctions, they can’t get into a traditional dealer’s auction. Only those who have dealer’s licenses can access these. However, that does not mean that you can’t get in on this action as well. There are ways that you can get great deals, even if you do not have a dealer’s license.

Getting into the Auction

Most people do not have a dealer’s license, but that’s okay. There are ways that you can work with dealers that can help you access the inventory that you are interested in buying. They can provide you with the current stock at the auctions, let you know the bids, and even bid on your behalf. You can let them know how much you are willing to spend on the vehicle, and they will bid for you, going up to that amount if the bid gets that high. This way, they can take care of the hard work of keeping up with the auction and making sure you have a chance to get a great deal.

Of course, you need to make sure you are working with a quality dealer that can help you in this respect. Check their reputation and the types of auctions they frequent. Make sure they can provide you with plenty of information about the vehicles that interest you, so you can be sure it is a good solution for you. You will find some great benefits when you work with someone who can provide you with access to a dealer’s auction.

Why Choose This Method?

One of the first reasons to go through a dealer’s auction is the fact that you will have access to some quality vehicles. Some of them might have been returned to a dealer after a lease, or they might be new vehicles that simply haven’t sold and the dealer wants them off the lot. Many times, they are trade-in vehicles, just like you would get if you went directly through a used car dealer.

When you go through a dealer’s auction though, you have more than just a great variety of quality vehicles available. You also have some great prices. They are much lower than buying a typical used car of the same make, model, and condition in most cases. You do have to keep in mind that it is an auction, and other bidders will be competing for the same vehicle. Many of them will be other dealers attending the dealer auction, though. This means they are not likely to be willing to go past a certain amount with the bids. You could bid a little higher and still get the vehicle at a steal.

The next time you need to buy a car, consider trying to work with a company that can get you access to a dealer’s auction.