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What Happens to Used Cars Not Sold By Dealerships?

By Mike Richards 06/14/2017

It’s no secret that there are a lot of used cars out there, with millions of them currently sitting on the lots of used car dealerships as you’re reading this. These dealerships understand that consumers are often looking to save when they purchase vehicles, which is why used cars always make attractive targets.

However, these dealerships are accustomed to extracting the maximum value possible from their inventories. Because of this, consumers oftentimes end up paying more than they really should for the used vehicles that they purchase. Of course, not every used car on a dealership’s lot ends up getting sold.

So, what happens to these ‘unwanted’ vehicles? Is there a place where you can get your hands on them and save more in the process? Let’s explore.

Cutting the Cost and Sending Them Out

When a used car dealership is having trouble selling a particular used vehicle, the same thing always happens. The longer that the car sits on the lot, the lower the price will go. Necessarily, this will mean it’s wise to bide your time when you’re looking to buy a used car through a dealership.

If even after a significant price reduction a dealership cannot sell a vehicle, one of several things will happen. In many cases, a used car dealership will send the vehicle to one of its sister dealerships where prospects for it might be better. Failing that, these used cars go somewhere else.

Selling at Dealer Auctions

Used car dealerships use dealer auctions for two purposes. They use them to purchase vehicles to stock their lots, and they use them to get rid of vehicles that aren’t selling. Necessarily then, these dealer auctions are good place to look if you’re searching for a used car at a steep discount.

Gaining Access to Dealer Auctions

However, there’s one big problem with these dealer auctions as far as ordinary consumers are concerned. For the most part, these auctions are closed to the public, as dealers do not want to open up these possible savings to consumers, thereby cutting into their bottom lines. However, it is still possible to participate. You can, for example, pay an auction broker to bid in these auctions on your behalf. But, there’s a much cheaper way to gain access to these used cars than that!

Use Online Car Auctions to Buy Used Cars

In recent years, a number of online car auction websites have cropped up that grant access to these dealer auctions online. Through them, it’s possible to locate and bid on used cars that are being auctioned off by used car dealerships. This is obviously great news for consumers, as it allows them to bid on and win vehicles without having to pay a used car dealership’s markup.

If you’re interested in doing this, then there’s only one thing that you have to do. Sign up for one of these websites today, and see what’s out there! By doing so, you’ll quickly discover how easy it is to save thousands on used cars when you use online car auctions.