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How Can I Ship a Used Car Overseas that I Bought in a Dealer Auction Online?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 07/17/2017

In the United States, auto buyers are increasingly turning to dealer auctions online when they want to buy a used car. It’s easy to understand why, as these auctions offer an incredible selection and a level of convenience that can’t be matched. That’s, of course, all in addition to the potential for savings, which can sometimes be has high as 70% or even 80%!

It’s not just U.S. auto buyers who can make use of websites that offer access to dealer auctions online, though. In fact, international consumers are increasingly making use of online dealer auto auctions to purchase used, salvage and like-new vehicles.

When these international buyers use these auctions, though, there are additional steps that must be undertaken. One of the biggest steps, of course, is arranging for international shipping. What options exist when buying a used car in a dealer auction? Let’s take a look…

Over-Land Shipping in the Americas

If you’re using dealer auctions in the United States from Canada or Mexico – or points further south – you can of course use over-land shipping. Depending upon how car you are from the auction site, this may end up being the cheapest option available to you.

However, do note that there are some complications. If you are not shipping to Canada or Mexico, then your vehicle will have to cross multiple borders. This may make customs clearance something of a chore, necessitating the additional expense of hiring a customs broker.

Air Shipping Is An Option… But, an Expensive One

No matter where you are in the world, shipping by air is always a possibility. In fact, there may be some remote destination to which this is the only available shipping option.

There’s one major drawback with shipping a used car from a dealer auction via air, though. This is by far the most expensive shipping option. Still, if it’s the only option, or else you need your vehicle ASAP, then air shipping undoubtedly the way to go.

Sea Shipping Is Most Common, But There’s Choice

The most common method by which used cars are shipped from dealer auctions to international destinations is sea-based shipping. The reason is simple. Sea shipping is almost always the most cost-effective, though it is the slowest.

Within sea-based shipping, there are two options that you’ll have. You can, of course, opt for traditional container shipping. This may be preferable in your circumstance if you’re also shipping other goods along with your vehicle. Beyond this, though, there is RORO shipping. This method is most often cheaper than container shipping, though it does present some risk for a vehicle becoming damaged in transit.

Consult Your Auction Specialist for Advice on Shipping

Choosing the right shipping method in your particular circumstance will require taking a number of things into consideration. To assist with balancing your competing needs and your budget, your auction specialist will be there. Not only can he or she help you choose the right shipping method, he or she can handle all of the shipping arrangements too!