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How do I buy a car from Copart?

By Auto Auction Mall Team Updated: 01/04/2019 Posted: 12/11/2018

Copart Auctions

Buying used cars from an auction used to be a social no-no, as the traditional way of buying cars through dealerships was the way to go. Nowadays auctions are seen as normal. Companies such as Copart have built a reputation as reliable and trustworthy sources for cars that are way cheaper than those at the dealership. Nowadays everyone has the same question: how do I get my hands on a car from Copart?


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In short, Copart requires you to have a dealer license to buy a car. This means that as a private buyer you are rarely given a chance to buy from Copart. However, with the emergence of the internet, a number of companies have seen a new business opportunity, a niche that allows private buyers to buy at closed dealer auctions, and including Copart. These companies maintain a dealer’s license and provide proxy services to private buyers for a reasonable fee.

This means that you, as a private buyer who does not own a dealer’s license, can bid and buy Copart cars. One of these third-party proxy companies is Auto Auction Mall. For a small fee for their services, you can browse Copart’s inventory and, once you find the car you like, notify AAM agent to bid on it on your behalf. Keep in mind that you set the maximum bid, meaning the agent will not bid over your set budget. Buying cars from Copart is made as easy as possible this way.  

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