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How Do I Find the Auction Vehicles from Best Car Sites?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 10/14/2015

One of the best ways to find a new vehicle today is through car auction sites. Best car sites have a wide range of different vehicles available, and the prices are generally quite cheap when you compare them to buying through other methods.

Search Several Sites

You don’t necessarily want to choose the first car auction site you find. Look at several different sites to see how often they have auctions and what types of vehicle they have available. For example it can be Ebay or just Craigslist. Some sites may even have a buy now option, so you can buy a vehicle at a certain price if you feel the bidding might go higher than that amount. That’s not the case with all vehicle sites, though.

Check out a couple of the car auction sites before making your choice. One of the things that you may want to consider is the location of the auction in proximity to you. If it is relatively close, it will make the shipping cheaper once you buy the vehicle.

Get Details on the Vehicles

Car auction sites will generally have quite a bit of information available on the different vehicles. It is your job to look through this information and to choose the right vehicles.

Many of the vehicles available through the car auction sites are actually salvage titles. This doesn’t mean you should avoid those cars. It simply means you need to understand what how much and what kind of work it will take to get the vehicle into a condition where it can receive a rebuilt title.

Work With a Dealer

One of the best tips for finding vehicles through car auction sites is to work with a third party dealer. The dealer can help to take away much of the hassle of being part of an auction. For example, you can let them know how much you can afford to spend, and then they can bid on vehicles of your choice keeping your budget in mind. This means you will not have to worry about constantly checking to see if someone else has outbid you.

Also, many of these companies can also offer help when it comes to shipping and exporting the vehicles, which helps to make things even easier on you.

Another benefit is the fact that they are able to attend dealer auctions and let you know all about the various vehicles that are available. Only dealers can go to these car auction sites, and that means you will have even less competition when bidding.

Since the dealers are only looking at vehicles from a financial standpoint, if you bid higher than them on a car you really want, you have a good chance of getting it. They want to keep their bids as low as possible so they can ultimately make a greater profit when they sell the car.

Remember Your Budget

Even if you can find some great vehicles at car auction sites, you always have to keep your budget in mind when you are buying. In the event that other bidders start to push up the price past your comfort zone, it is in your best interest to step away and simply choose another vehicle.

If you aren’t careful, there is always the chance that the price could go high enough that you overspend and do not have enough money available for the repairs the vehicle will need before it can get on the road.

By taking your time and understanding the different car auction sites, as well as learning about the vehicles you are considering, you have a very good chance of finding a high-quality vehicle through an auction.

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