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How Do I Find Wholesale Used Cars?

By Mike Richards Updated: 10/15/2019 Posted: 10/17/2015

When most people think about buying wholesale vehicles, they think about the potential of buying new vehicles at low prices. However, that’s not the only option. In fact, it is often possible to find even better deals on wholesale used cars. These vehicles are available in many of the same types of auctions as new vehicles, and they are generally only available to dealers.

Where to Locate the Cars

The dealers are looking for wholesale used cars that they can use to refill or rotate their stock, and they are always looking for the best prices possible. You can often find cars that were recently traded in, as well as cars that are coming off lease and those that are near new.

In most cases, it would be impossible for a private buyer to get into these auctions. You would need to have a dealer’s license. However, you can find some proxy dealers out there that are willing to act as a proxy for you.

This gives you access to the vehicles in certain auctions. You can learn more about the vehicles that are available including their condition, the number of miles they have, and more. Take the time to explore all of the vehicle options that are available through the auction, and choose several that look as though they might fit your needs and fall within your budget.

You can then let the proxy know which cars interest you the most. Create a list of at least three in order of preference. The dealer can then bid on those vehicles for you. Make sure that you tell them your maximum bid. This takes away the risk of you going over your budget just to try to get a vehicle that you like.

Why Choose Wholesale Used Cars?

Buying wholesale used cars is actually one of the best options for those who are looking to buy a quality vehicle. Many of these vehicles have clear titles, so you won’t need to worry about getting repairs and turning the salvage title into a rebuild title.

Since they are at auction, you also have a great chance of getting the vehicles at some fantastic prices. Since your main competitors in these types of auctions tend to be dealers, you can be relatively sure that they aren’t going to push up the bid price.

They know how much they want to spend on the vehicles, and how high they can go before it stops making financial sense for them to pursue the purchase. It’s not too difficult to bid a bit higher than a dealer and have them back out of the auction. This makes it a great way to find a quality vehicle without overspending.

Before you by any wholesale used cars, though, it is important that you take some time to look at the actual value of the vehicle through Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, and similar resources. Knowing the true value of the car you are considering will help you determine whether you should bid, as well as how much money you should bid. The goal of the auction is to help you save money, and bidding higher than the fair market value makes no sense at all.

If you want a vehicle at a great price, it’s time that you started looking at wholesale used cars. You may be able to find your next vehicle sooner than you think.

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