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How Do I fill DMV Form NYS MV82 and Get Insurance for Salvage Cars for Sale in NY New York Online?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 10/14/2015

Finding salvage cars for sale at online auctions can be a fantastic way to save some money on the purchase of your next vehicle. This is what many in the state of New York are doing, as they like the lower prices and find that it can be a great option for a second vehicle. For  example on or repairable cars for sale com, you ca find Honda Accord, Civic, Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry, (Acura), Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Harley-Davidson and many others salvage cars for sale in NY.That said, before you can put one of these vehicles on the road, you will need to repair the vehicle.

Getting the Vehicle Titled and on the Road

Once you have the repairs needed to get the vehicle on the road again, you will be able to take the title certificate to the DMV office in your area to title and register the vehicle. You may have to pay sales tax for the title, and the DMV will provide you with a sales tax receipt to certify that you paid. Before you can get the new title though, you will have to go through an inspection to ensure there are no stolen parts on the vehicle.

To apply for the inspection, you will need to provide the sales tax receipt, the title certificate, the Vehicle Registration/Title Application (Form NYS MV-82 of ownership), as well as the application for the salvage vehicle examination.

Also, you will have to pay fees to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. Currently, the fees for the examination are $150, and the fee for the title process is $50. Of course, the fees for driver can change, and they often do from year to year. Always check the current fees before visiting the DMV so you know what you will have to pay.

You will send all of your paperwork to the Auto Theft and Salvage Unit in Albany to make your appointment. There are a number of different facilities available for these inspections throughout the state, and you can find these through the New York DMV website.

The investigators will inspect the vehicle and all the parts to make sure that it does not contain anything that has been stolen. If it passes the inspection, you will be able to get a rebuilt salvage title. Keep in mind that no matter how much work you do on the vehicle, you will never get a clear title for the vehicle. It will always be a salvage rebuilt title.

The vehicle will also have to pass the safety and omission inspections. At that point the DMV will provide registration for the vehicle. Keep in mind that even if the salvage cars for sale online were already rebuilt in another state, they don’t technically have a clear title. This means they will still need to go through the DMV inspection in New York to receive a title and registration.

Getting Insurance for the Vehicle

When you repair the vehicle and have your rebuilt salvage title, you will be able to get liability insurance through most companies out there. Since this coverage offers protection for the damage you do to other vehicles, they do not take on any risk by offering liability.

Getting full coverage is a different story though, and it can be a little bit trickier. Many companies are hesitant to offer higher levels of insurance for the salvage cars. Online, you may be able to find some insurance companies, such as Progressive, that will provide the additional coverage you need. Check out the different options in terms of insurance companies and find one that meets your needs.

Why Do Salvage Cars for Sale Online Make Sense?

Although you will have to go through a number of additional steps when you choose salvage cars for sale online, buying can still make quite a bit of sense. These vehicles are generally going to be substantially cheaper than buying a similar vehicle through a used car dealership. You will have to pay for the restoration of the vehicle, but this can still result in a much cheaper vehicle overall.

You will often find that the auctions, particularly when you are working with a third party dealer, are capable of providing you with quite a few more options when it comes to vehicles. Do not neglect the idea of an online auction just because the cars might have salvage titles.

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