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How Do I Insure Salvage Vehicles and Cars for sale from Ohio Auto Auction by law?

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/26/2022 Posted: 10/15/2015

Ohio residents in need of a vehicle may want to consider salvage auction cars as an option. While many might be wondering why they should bother with a salvage title vehicle, the answer is simple – the cost. When you buy through an online auction salvage cars for sale from Ohio auto auction, you will find that the prices on these cars at auction are generally very low. In fact, there is the potential to save thousands of dollars on a vehicle.

You might be wondering why more people don’t do the same and go through the car auctions in Ohio. The answer is just as simple – its necessary to make salvage inspection in Ohio but people tend to shy away from salvage auction cars because they don’t know what to do with them.

What Is the Process?

When you buy a salvage auction car in Dayton, Akron or Cleveland, you will need to get a rebuilt salvage title through the state of Ohio. In order to get this type of title, you have to make sure the vehicle is rebuilt properly, and it then needs to go through a salvage inspection. You may have all documentation for car, including VIN.

The inspections can only occur at an inspection station authorized by Ohio State Highway Patrol. You can make an appointment through the DMV, and they can provide you with an inspection form. Then, you can pay the fee and get the vehicle inspected.

When you visit the site of the inspection, you need to take this form with you, as well as the salvage title, and receipts for any parts you replaced. They want to see the receipts so they can make sure that you are not using stolen parts in the vehicle. They are also inspecting the vehicle to make sure it is actually safe enough to be on the road. The state does not want dangerous vehicles that could potentially become a hazard.

After it passes inspection, you will then be able to apply for the salvage rebuilt title for your vehicle. When you get your vehicle inspected, you will actually be able to drive it to the inspection facility as long as you have your salvage inspection receipt with you. You can only drive it to the inspection though. When you are completing your repairs, it will need to be towed to the facility that is rebuilding the vehicle.

Finding Insurance

Once you have your rebuilt title, you will find that getting liability insurance is relatively easy through most companies. This type of coverage will cover those that your vehicle hits, and the cost of the insurance isn’t affected by the title of the vehicle.

On the other hand, getting other types of insurance coverage on the vehicle can be a bit more difficult. Many companies will not offer full coverage on a rebuilt title simply because the value of the vehicle (SUV. Ford, Nissan, etc.) can be difficult to determine. The insurance companies sometimes hesitate when it comes to offering coverage on rebuilt salvage cars.

However some insurers out there will offer insurance on these vehicles with rebuilt titles. One of the most widely known is Progressive, but you can find others as well.

Start looking for insurance companies that will offer coverage for these salvage auction cars before you actually buy. Have a list of potential companies ready, and see what they have to say about the price. Generally, the prices should not be higher than when insuring a new vehicle or another vehicle with a regular title, since the insurance company is not taking on any more risk in the event the car is in an accident.

Salvage Auction Cars Could Be Worth Your Time

Despite the fact that you have to go through a few extra steps when you are working with these salvage auction cars, the benefits could actually outweigh the added work.

Not only will going through an auction provide you with many different options when it comes to vehicles, but you will also have the ability to save a substantial amount of money on the cost of the vehicle. Depending on the extent of the damage and repairs, you will find that you can still save money when compared with buying through other means, such as through a public dealership or even a private seller with inventory of cars.

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