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How Foreigners Can Save Thousands by Bidding in US Dealer Auto Auctions

By Mike Richards Posted: 07/19/2017

No matter where you live in the world, purchasing a vehicle is always an expensive proposition. For this reason, consumers across the globe are always looking for the best means of saving money when buying a used car.

For international buyers, there’s something taking place in the United States that could work quite well. In recent years, dealer auctions have been opened up to the general public through online websites. These auctions allow those who participate in them to literally save thousands on the purchase of used, salvage and like-new vehicles.

Online Dealer Auto Auctions Are Open to Everyone

But, these online dealer auto auctions aren’t just open to those who live in the United States. In fact, anyone with an Internet connection can begin using one of these websites today!

International buyers from countries across the globe have begun using dealer auctions in the United States to purchase vehicles. They’ve found that even after shipping, duties and taxes, they’re still spending less than they would have had they purchased the same cars in their own countries!

How Online Dealer Auto Auctions Can Save You Money

You may wonder how it’s possible for dealer auctions to save consumers so much money. Consider the following. When a used car dealership needs to stock its inventory, it will often turn to auctions. What the dealership purchases through an auction will then be resold to consumers at a considerable markup.

The size of that markup is the kind of savings that one can expect to enjoy when using online dealer auto auctions. Of course, in order for those savings to make sense for an international buyer, there’s an important thing to consider…

It Comes Down to Your Country’s Duties and Taxes

Every country has different duties and taxes that pertain to used and salvage vehicles. Before you begin using online dealer auto auctions to buy a car, be sure to consult with your country’s customs authority. You will want to gain an understanding of what the duties and taxes are, as well as how they are assessed on vehicles.

Most notably, be sure to research whether or not your country uses CIF, which factors in the value of the vehicle plus the cost of shipping and shipping insurance. If your country does use CIF, then you’ll necessarily want to keep your shipping expenses as low as possible.

Getting Started with Online Dealer Auctions in the U.S. Today

In order to decide whether or not online dealer auctions in the U.S. make sense in your circumstance, you have to try them out. Getting started with any of these websites is incredibly simple, only requiring that you create an account. From there, you can begin browsing the thousands of cars available.

If you find vehicles that match your criteria, then all you need to do is make a deposit in order to start bidding. That’s it! So, if you want to save thousands on used cars, then look into what it will take to import cars from dealer auctions in the U.S. today!