How long to ship a car from USA to Nigeria?
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How long will it take shipping a cars to Nigeria?

By Auto Auction Mall Team Updated: 05/30/2022 Posted: 11/28/2018

Nigerian used car market is supplied mostly with imported vehicles, 90 percent to be more precise. The market, however, has endured a bad spell as the government set out to protect its domestic car industry and introduced levies on used car imports starting June 2015. Some estimates show that Nigeria imports over half a million cars while others show a more conservative figure of 200,000 shipping cars to Nigeria on a yearly basis.

But you wouldn’t like to purchase a car from your local Nigerian dealer and would rather hit an online auction through a third-party proxy company and get your hands on a cheap US vehicle? This is made possible through companies like Auto Auction Mall that provide you access to any car auction in the United States you’d like.

Now, you’ve already set up your account, found the vehicle and sealed the deal. What remains is to have the car delivered to Nigeria, and you are wondering how long it will take.

How long to ship a car from USA to Nigeria?

Well, the whole process can be streamlined if you continue cooperating with Auto Auction Mall. Auto Auction Mall can put you in contact with brokers who will help you take the car from the auction house, deliver it to a port and have it shipped with all the paperwork ready.

There are a couple of ways of shipping your cars to Nigeria. Ro/Ro shipping requires your car to be able to move under its own power. Container Shipping is a more safer option as the car will be enclosed in a container and shielded from the elements.

Six ports provide Ro/Ro shipping from the United States to Nigeria: Galveston, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, Savannah, Georgia, Portsmouth, Virginia, Bayonne, New Jersey and Baltimore, Maryland.

You can ship your car in a container from Oakland and Long Beach in California, Houston, Texas, Miami, Florida, Savannah, Georgia and Newark, New Jersey.

The vessels arrive at Tin Can Island, Lagos Nigeria (Ro/Ro) and Apapa, Lagos (Container ships) with the whole process from completing the payment to the delivery taking around 8 weeks.

Once the vessel arrives, you are required to handle all the import duties and other requirements before picking up the car.

Shipping Cars to Nigeria

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