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How Much is it to Ship a Car Overseas?

By Mike Richards Posted: 08/02/2019

How much is it to ship a car overseas? How do you go about shipping a car overseas? Let’s look into what shipping options are available and what they cost.

With the emergence of the internet, it has become easier for anyone with a computer and an internet connection to buy a car at an auction. Auction marketplaces like Auto Auction Mall allow everyone to purchase a vehicle at an auction, whether you live in the United States or abroad.

In fact, American cars are very popular overseas, and buying vehicles at online auctions and exporting them overseas has become more and more common. If you are thinking of doing this, one of the most important logistical challenges you will face is shipping the vehicle. Since one of the main reasons why buyers purchase their vehicles at auctions is the low price, the costs of shipping the car are one of their main concerns. After all, you wouldn’t want to save a lot of money getting your car from an online auction to find out you’ll be paying a considerable amount to have it shipped to you.

Shipping with Auto Auction Mall

At Auto Auction Mall, you don’t just get hundreds of thousands of vehicles at very low prices. You also get excellent customer support. Once your purchase is complete, Auto Auction Mall auction specialists are at your disposal to arrange transportation of your vehicle from the auction house to the desired address or a port from where the car would be further shipped to the final destination, including overseas. 

Ship a Car Overseas

The prices offered by Auto Auction Mall vary depending on the destination port and the kind of vehicle you need to ship. But they are in any case very competitive, as you can see in the table below.  

Table of Shipping Prices and Estimated Transit Times from the USA

Destination Port Coupe/Hatchback Sedan/Wagon SUV/Long Sedan 40’hc Full Container Load Transit Times
Albania-Durres $900 $950 $1000 $2800 special offer 3-5 weeks *
Alexandria-Egypt $950 $1050 $1200 Request a Quote 3-5 weeks *
Aqaba-Jordan $830 $850 $890 $2400 special offer 3-5 weeks *
Arica-Chile $900 $930 $990 $2700 special offer 3-5 weeks *
Bremerhaven-Germany $575 $590 $610 $1725 special offer 3-5 weeks *
Gdynia-Poland $770 $780 $790 $2300 special offer 3-5 weeks *
Jebel Ali, UAE $670 $690 $750 $1900 special offer 3-5 weeks *
Jeddah-Saudi Arabia $1250 $1250 $1300 Request a Quote 3-5 weeks *
Klaipeda-Lithuania $750 $770 $790 $2200 special offer 3-5 weeks *
Kotka-Finland $750 $770 $790 $2200 special offer 3-5 weeks *
Lisbon-Portugal $950 $1050 $1200 Request a Quote 3-5 weeks *
Lome-Togo $800 $800 $950 Request a Quote 3-5 weeks *
Luanda-Angola $1600 $1700 $2150 Request a Quote 3-5 weeks *
&Minsk-Belarus $1250 $1270 $1300 $3750 special offer 3-5 weeks *
Poti-Georgia $880 $890 $910 $2640 special offer 3-5 weeks *
Rotterdam-Netherlands $950 $950 $1350 Request a Quote 3-5 weeks *
Tema-Ghana $1070 $1090 $1150 $3200 special offer 3-5 weeks *
TinCan Lagos-Nigeria $1070 $1080 $1150 $3200 special offer 3-5 weeks *
Tianjin Xingang-China $700 $710 $740 $2100 special offer 3-5 weeks *
Valencia-Spain $950 $1050 $1200 Request a Quote 3-5 weeks *
Vladivostok-Russia $1350 $1370 $1390 $4000 special offer 3-5 weeks *

Find out more about our International Shipping here.

What Auto Auction Mall Can Do for You

Working with AAM on the shipping process can save you time and money. Auto Auction Mall works with an extensive network of shipping and freight forwarding companies in the United States. This means you will be spared the effort of chasing freight companies yourself, asking for quotes and conditions. It also means that Auto Auction Mall can get favorable deals and better prices than an individual buyer could. 

Now, as you can see from the table, there are two main options when it comes to shipping: container shipping or Ro/Ro shipping (Roll-on/Roll-off). The latter requires your car to be able to move under its own power, but this shipping option is less expensive. If your port of destination is not included in the table, feel free to contact our customer support services for more information. 

These competitive prices, together with the low price you surely paid for your vehicle at one of Auto Auction Mall’s auction, meaning that you’ll be paying far less in total for your car than you would have to if you just bought it at your local dealership. So it’s worth getting in touch with our staff to arrange for shipping. 

Auto Auction Mall can not only arrange to ship but can also put you in touch with brokers who will complete all the necessary paperwork before your car can board the vessel. The only thing they can’t help you with is clearing customs and sorting out the import duties once you pick the car up at the port of destination.

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Duties, Taxes, and Other Costs

Besides the price of the actual shipping, you will probably need to pay several other costs associated with exporting your vehicle. These include customs duties, taxes, port handling charges, and the all-important insurance.

Customs duties and taxes will vary a lot from country to country. Some countries charge high import duties on cars from the United States, while others have favorable trade agreements with the US and charge a lot less. It’s crucial that you find out how much this will cost you before you decide to import a vehicle from the United States. 

Taxes will also vary a lot and may depend on the kind of vehicle you are importing its age, and other factors. So you should also check with your authorities to find out how much this may cost you. 

Another cost you will need to cover is insurance. In order to ship your car, you will typically need to get shipping insurance. The cost of shipping insurance depends on the value of the vehicle being shipped but is usually somewhere between 1.5 percent and 2.5 percent of the value of the car. 

Shipping a car also requires a lot of paperwork. Auto Auction Mall will help you with that, but you might want to hire the services of an import broker as well. An import broker will help you deal with the paperwork, taxes, and customs duties, especially those on the country of destination. So this is another cost you might have to cover.

As you can see, shipping a vehicle overseas can be difficult and costly. That is why it is a good idea to entrust your car to a reliable company that can offer you safe and speedy shipping services at competitive prices. In one word, you can trust Auto Auction Mall.