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How Much Is The Cheapest Hyundai Car?

By Mike Richards Posted: 08/30/2019

How Much Is The Cheapest Hyundai Car? South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company is known for its reliable and affordable vehicles. In the early days, you did not get much car for your money, and their vehicles were usually cheap because they were not that well built.

But in recent years, Hyundai has invested heavily into solving their reliability issues and into development. The company has even launched a luxury brand, Genesis, to grab a share of the high-end market. That has allowed the company to grow their market share.

Where to Look?

But you are interested in the completely opposite side of that spectrum: the cheapest Hyundai. However, you don’t want to compromise in quality. So you’re not just looking for the cheapest Hyundai: you’re looking for a Hyundai of reasonable quality that you can buy for as little money as possible.

But how can you do this? By choosing your source carefully. You’ll probably won’t get a car of the quality you want at the price you want in a dealership. Besides, you naturally don’t really look forward to going down to your local dealership and haggle.

So what’s the alternative? The alternative is buying your car from auto auctions. Auto auctions offer you a great variety of vehicles at very low prices. If you use an online platform like Auto Auction Mall, you will get access to hundreds of thousands of vehicles from auction all over the country, many of them from closed dealer auctions. This means you get access to good quality vehicles at a price far lower than what you’d get at your dealership.

The Advantages of Buying at an Auto Auction

How does Auto Auction Mall manage to do this? Well, Auto Auction Mall has its own dealer license, which is a requirement to enter any closed dealer auctions. What Auto Auction Mall does is lend you the use of the dealer license, so to speak. Through their website, you get access to the inventory of the dealer auctions. This allows you to browse from the comfort of your home and choose the car that best suits your needs.

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Because these vehicles are being sold at auction, you get the best prices. However, you cannot bid yourself. Rather, an auction specialist working for Auto Auction Mall will place the bid on your behalf, up to the maximum limit you have set. This gives you the peace of mind and the assurance that you will never go over your budget.

The Best and Cheapest Hyundais

2014 hyundai sonata hybrid

2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Let’s look at a couple of used car options. Listings from CarGurus show the lowest price starting at $995 for a 2006 Hyundai Tucson. If you don’t mind hitting up an auction for a Hyundai, then you could find some listed at around $250 to $300.

But if you are not into auctions or used cars at all, you could hit up your local dealer. According to Hyundai’s USA website, the cheapest unit you can buy is the 2019 year model Accent with an estimated net price of $13,995.

Image via: Hyundai USA

For that you get a car with a 130-hp, 1.6L 4-cylinder engine and a 31 mpg range when combining highway and city drives. In terms of equipment, you get a 5-inch color LCD touchscreen, a standard rearview camera, AM/FM/CD/MP3 4-speaker audio system and tilt steering wheel with audio and Bluetooth controls.

In terms of safety, you get a Vehicle Stability Management system, ESC, TCS, OCS, driver and front passenger airbags, driver and front passenger seat-mounted side-impact airbags, TPMS, LATCH, front seatbelt pretensioners, front and rear crumple zones and child safety locks in the rear.

Example Live Hyundai Auctions

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