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7 Tips on How to Avoid Engine Meltdown Amidst the Current Heatwave 

With the outrageous heatwave that has hit many parts of the world, many people are cranking up their air conditioning to relieve themselves.
If humans feel so much heat, how much …

8 months ago
10 Tips Finding and Buying Used Electric Vehicles (EVs) With Increased Fuel Prices in 2022

Since the increase in gas prices, shoppers’ interest in Electric Vehicles (EVs) has risen by almost 70%. This means that the price of EVs has also increased. But the drawback …

9 months ago
Top 5 Ways to Save Money At Car Auctions 

Car auctions can be overwhelming and a money-eating experience if you don’t know the ropes; especially for newbies and sometimes, even experts who miss a step and can end up …

10 months ago
8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Attending a Live Car Auction Near Me

If you’ve ever attended a used car auction and felt lost throughout the process, you can probably relate to this blog post. 
A used car auction is a delicate process that …

11 months ago
Understanding Auction Sale Terms: What is Pre-bid, Auction and Buy Now Price?

Navigating wholesale vehicle auctions platforms can be difficult if you’re a first-timer. Especially if you don’t know the different auction sale terms. More times than not you are very likely …

12 months ago updated 07/09/2022
4 Life-Saving Car Escape Accessories Every Driver Should Own

Have you ever thought of how you would escape if you are ever in an accident? 
Even the thought of it makes one cringe… 
Car accidents can be very scary and in …

1 year ago
Vehicle Maintenance For First Timers: 5 Simple Things to Take Note of

After spending thousands of dollars to purchase your new vehicle – it’s only right to protect your asset by making sure it is in top-notch condition. 
There are many components and …

1 year ago
Preventing Car Theft: 8 Car Security Tips to Secure Your Car

Imagine saving up month after month, denying yourself a lot of things so you can get your dream car. Just to have it stolen from somewhere you parked it… that’s …

2 years ago
Tire Maintenance: 4 Tips to Taking care of Your Used Car Tires

Loss of traction on the road leading to flip-overs, tire blowouts, bad suspension… these potentially fatal car problems can happen as a result of improper tire maintenance habits.
Tires are an …

2 years ago
How Does My Car Have an Undercarriage Damage? 5 Reasons Why

Ever run into a pothole and pray your bumper isn’t damaged? Finally, you get home and inspect your bumper and the visible part of your vehicle. Whew… all is good …

2 years ago updated 06/08/2022
5 Car Care Tips To Consider If You’ll Be Hitting The Roads This Summer!

Welcome to travel season! 
There’s never been a better time to hit the road with friends or family, more so with current Covid-19 restrictions in many dream tourist destinations abroad, for …

2 years ago updated 07/26/2022
Car Tips: 5 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start and How to Fix it

What is the most frustrating thing about owning a car that has ever happened to you? 
You can never realize how frustrating certain things are until it’s too late… like beginning …

2 years ago
Hybrid Vs Gas Vs Diesel Cars: Which is best for you?

Hybrid, Gas, Diesel? Don’t we all want a car that has high fuel efficiency, saves us a few bucks, and produces enough power for us to literally “fly” on land? 
You …

2 years ago
5 Useful Factors to Determine the Value of Your Used Vehicle

Looking to sell your old car to buy a better one? How can you determine the value of your used vehicle to avoid undervaluing and selling for less than its …

2 years ago
5 Things to NOT Do to Increase Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

How would you like to increase your vehicle’s lifespan while spending even less on maintenance and repair bills? There are a few things you need to stop doing or never …

2 years ago updated 07/09/2022