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Hybrid Vs Gas Vs Diesel Cars: Which is best for you?

Hybrid, Gas, Diesel? Don’t we all want a car that has high fuel efficiency, saves us a few bucks, and produces enough power for us to literally “fly” on land? 
You …

2 weeks ago
5 Useful Factors to Determine the Value of Your Used Vehicle

Looking to sell your old car to buy a better one? How can you determine the value of your used vehicle to avoid undervaluing and selling for less than its …

4 weeks ago
5 Things to NOT Do to Increase Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

How would you like to increase your vehicle’s lifespan while spending even less on maintenance and repair bills? There are a few things you need to stop doing or never …

1 month ago updated 06/11/2021
Fault Code: 7 Fault Codes in Ford Car and What they Mean

What do the lights on your Ford vehicle dashboard mean? Have you ever been on the road with your dashboard glowing like the fourth of July with fault codes? 
Some car owners …

2 months ago updated 05/28/2021
15 Error Fault Codes in your Toyota car – What do they Mean?

Does your dashboard look like a Christmas tree all lit up with words and abbreviations in yellow and red lights while in motion? The error or fault code is set …

2 months ago updated 05/28/2021
How Can I Buy Cars at Auction?

You may be wondering ‘How can I buy cars at auction?‘ – you’ve come to the right place! We will explain the process here, and show you how to access …

1 year ago updated 03/02/2020
Buying a Salvage Porsche from an Auction

As a premier German brand, Porsche means luxury to many people. However, there is a way to get your hands on a Porsche that is cheaper than going to a …

1 year ago updated 03/02/2021
Buying a Salvage Harley Davidson from Auction

Harley Davidson motorcycles are another icon of the US. They can be very expensive, so how do you get one cheaper? Can you buy a salvage Harley Davidson motorcycle from …

1 year ago updated 01/28/2020
Buying a Salvage Chevrolet Corvette at Auction

What is a salvage Chevrolet Corvette? Where can you find them, and can they be repaired and re-titled? We take a look at these questions and more.
The Corvette
The Chevrolet Corvette …

2 years ago
Finding Salvage Jaguar Cars for Sale Online to Repair

Since the introduction of the XE and F-Pace, Jaguar has seen a significant increase in sales. The XE and F-Pace account for almost three-quarters the volume of Jaguars sold in …

2 years ago
Buying a Damaged or Repo RV from Salvage RV Auctions

Auctions are a great place to get access to vehicles at much lower prices than the ones offered at your local used vehicle dealership. At auctions, you can find a …

2 years ago
Salvage Cars: Buy and Enjoy Your First Mini Cooper on Sale

Mini Coopers are iconic cars with a large and growing following. Mini Cooper salvage cars are a great way of getting one of these vehicles affordably. Salvage Minis can be …

2 years ago updated 03/08/2021
A Guide to Finding Repo Cars for Sale

A repo car dealer auction is where used car dealers go to buy a repossessed vehicle. This is one of the fastest ways that banks, leasing companies or other lenders …

2 years ago updated 04/22/2020
Buying a Salvage Motorcycle for Sale at an Online Auction

If you’re looking to buy a cheap ride, you need to consider buying salvage motorcycles. Motorcycles with a salvage title are usually accident vehicles. Specialized motorcycle auctions then sell them …

2 years ago updated 05/07/2020
Online Auto Auctions: How to Access One and Buy a Used Car

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about online auto auctions. And if you’re here, there’s a big chance you’re interested and want to learn how the process works. Don’t …

2 years ago updated 03/16/2021