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How To Buy Accident Toyota Cars For Sale in the USA

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/09/2022 Posted: 07/03/2019

What began as a subsidiary company in 1933, as a division of the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd., later became the world’s largest automotive company as of 2008. Toyota started pre-WW2 and only began to gain traction in the 1950s. Since the first car ever built, the 1936 model AA sedan, till now, Toyota has made a huge name for itself as both sporty and reliable.

There is no doubt that buying a used Toyota will grant you a great engine, a durable car, and an investment that can endure for many years. Now the question we have is if buying a used Toyota that has suffered from an accident is still a worthwhile investment. In this article, we will see under what circumstances buying a Toyota that has suffered an accident is worthwhile, what benefits you gain from buying a damaged car, and a step-by-step procedure to buy the right Toyota for the right price.

So, what are the steps to take to find and purchase an accident Toyota?

Step 1: Set Up a Budget

Knowing how much the combined cost of the vehicle and the repairs will be ahead of time is very important. So by doing your research online and setting up a budget, you will avoid unexpected additional costs. It is important to know that aside from the purchase, repairs, and shipping costs, the site in which you bought the vehicle on also charges a fee.

Step 2: Research Insurance Companies

The biggest issue when buying a salvage car for sale is the post-repair insurance for the car. So before even looking for a car, you need to make sure you can insure it and with whom you will ensure the vehicle. This the most important aspect because even if you strike an amazing deal and save a ton of money, without insurance you can not legally drive your car.

Step 3: Research the Best Car Values for the Cars You Like

After setting up a budget, you should start researching places where you can get market values on the Toyota vehicles you like. For regular used vehicles, you can search Car Guru, TrueCar, AutoTrader, and more for statistics on the used car values and prices by model and year. It is important to know that even after searching on these sites, the actual value of the salvage vehicle should be much lower and you should see on the online dealer auctions to get a real feel on the actual value of the cars at the moment.

Step 4: Research the History of Possible Cars Put up for Sale

You will need to see things like the VIN, which give an online archived history of the vehicle’s accidents and more. In addition, you can use online resources from the online dealer auction, here at Auto Auction Mall to get even more info on the car.

Step 5: Review the Values of Shipping Costs

If you end up having to ship the vehicle internationally, expect values in the thousands. Domestically, probably in the hundreds. This means that you should get a feel on the estimates these companies give before buying the car. We can always help you with shipping estimates.

Step 6: Before Buying, Ask Questions

This is a must. Questions on paint, interior, structure, and function are very important. At this point, you can avoid any possible scams and tricks by finding out as much as possible. Study photographs carefully. Consider any description of the vehicle carefully. The most important thing to note here is that if there is even a presence of a doubt at this point as to the truthfulness of what you’re being told by a seller, you should not buy the car. This is why we provide a status of the running of the vehicle, the odometer readings and descriptions of damage.

Step 7: Set Up an Estimate of Repair Costs on the Car You Intend to Buy

After finding the model of the car you like and you have an idea of the areas that need repair, you need to start checking with different repair shops to get a feel for prices and general costs for the repairs. Make sure that you have exact values and exact parts. If you can find replaceable parts at a junkyard that are in great condition, you can save even more money.

Step 8: Buy, Ship, Repair, and Ensure (Make Sure to Do Everything with Patience)

After making all the decisions and you have everything set up, the only thing you need to do is bid, win, and ship your Toyota. At this point, I do want to stress that even after buying the damaged Toyota car, nothing is finished because until you have the car repaired, inspected, and insured, you cannot drive it. Should anything come up that was not expected, you should be prepared for it. In that way, having a reserve of money for surprises can keep you in the green while you get you the car you want.

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Other Considerations

Why You Should Consider a Used and Damaged Toyota

Before going into the reasons why you should consider a used Toyota, it is important to understand what exactly a damaged Toyota is. When buying a used and damaged vehicle, the degree of the damage can affect the title of the car. Obviously, if you buy a vehicle with a damaged, ruined or even missing bumper, the title itself would not change. However, if the car had suffered an accident, you might find the result of a collision to be more than just a damaged bumper. If the structure or engine was altered or ruined, the vehicle may be titled as a totaled car. The car would be considered a ‘salvage vehicle’ with a salvage title.

In the case of buying a salvage vehicle, you should expect very low prices, but also work in repairs as well as difficulty in insuring the vehicle. It is important to know that dealing with salvage vehicles can be very profitable.

As such, the main reason why anyone should consider buying such a vehicle is possibility for obtaining a huge discount. You want to buy your Toyota, and still save money even after repairs. Also, due to the Toyota being known for its sturdy structure, hardy engine, and for having a plethora of spare parts all over the world, especially in the USA, you can expect great savings on post-purchase rebuilds and repairs. With so many interchangeable parts, the costs of repairs are much lower than with other car brands, and thanks to the sturdy nature of the cars, you can get used parts that will work just as good as new ones when repairing your Toyota.

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Where Can You Buy a Used and Damaged Toyota?

regular physical auctions where you bid on an item of choice there are now online auctions, which you can access from anywhere. What that means is that now in the digital age where you can even buy your groceries online and have them shipped to your house the same day, you can buy a car in the very same way.

Online dealer auctions works in a very similar way as online bidding services for products, but more specialized for vehicles. All that you need is to make an account and begin bidding on the cars that you like. Not only will you have the opportunity to save money, up to 70% of the market value, you will be able to access all of the offers that there are online and see details on each car.

Where online car dealer auctions really excel is in the control they afford. You’re in control of what you end up paying through the bidding process. In addition, you’ll have an advocate in your corner in the form of an auction specialist. This person, who will be assigned to you by the online car dealer auction website, can help you with everything related to your search and bidding. This gives you a much better standing point when it comes to buying a vehicle. There will be no lack of information, no surprises, and no reason to be afraid. You will have no trouble finding the used car that’s right for your needs and budget.

Need any more help, or have any questions about buying a car through Auto Auction Mall? Open up the live chat window. You will see a link on the right-side of this page. We can help you out.

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