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How to Buy Car at American Auto Auctions and Export the Vehicle from America?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 10/15/2015

If you are outside of the United States, but you want to purchase an American vehicle, one of your best options is to consider an American auto auction. These auctions can offer some benefits compared with buying through other means. However, it is important to understand the basics of how the auctions work and how you will be able to export the vehicle to your country.

Why Go Through an American Car Auction?

Why should you choose an American car auction? Many times, foreign buyers find that they simply have a small selection, or no selection, in their home country. This means that the only way to find the vehicles they want is through an online auction. While you won’t be able to find every type of vehicle in every auction, you will have a nice selection the majority of the time. This makes it much easier to get the vehicle that you want.

In fact, one of the reasons that many foreign buyers are choosing to go through American car auctions is because it’s a fantastic place to buy exotics and luxury vehicles. You might be able to find a BMW, a Ferrari, and a host of other types of vehicles on the auction block of America.

Additionally, buying through an American car auction also means you will be getting the vehicles cheaper than if you bought new or even used. The vehicles at auction are generally low priced. Of course, you will have others bidding against you in the auction, and this can push up the price of the vehicles.

However, the prices will generally stay on the low end. If they ever get out of your comfort zone, there is no need to worry. You can always back out of the auction and let others keep pushing the price up. Simply move on to another vehicle that interests you.

When you are looking at the vehicles available in the auction, it is generally a good idea to have several vehicles in mind. This way, you do not fall into the trap of “falling in love” with a single vehicle. If you only focus on one car or truck, it’s far too easy to be the one that’s pushing up the bidding price, and this can lead to paying more for the vehicle than you should.

Exporting the Vehicle

Once you have bought your vehicle, you still need to think about how you will get it to your country. This will involve shipping the vehicle from the United States and importing it to your country. When shipping, look for an international company with experience in shipping to your country.

If you need to have terrestrial shipping to take the vehicle from the American car auction to the port, it’s a good idea to consider finding a company that can offer both the land and overseas shipping – it’s typically cheaper. You will find that a number of dealers and auctions will actually have a shipping service you can use. They may also be able to help with customs.

You should make sure you understand all of the laws and regulations when it comes to importing a vehicle to your country. What fees and taxes do you have to pay? How long will it take to get the car through customs? Speaking with the customs department before buying will give you a good idea of what you need to do.

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