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How to Deal with Unseen Damages on Your Newly Purchased Car in Nigeria

By Femi Amisu Updated: 07/09/2022 Posted: 03/20/2019

Everyone would love to buy a brand new car without a doubt. However, the cost is usually beyond what many people can afford. This makes online auctions, like Auto Auction Mall, one of the major go-to’s of intending car owners who are looking to buy their dream car in Nigeria.

There are more used car buyers than brand new car buyers and this is in no way a bad thing. The volume of used car purchase in Nigeria and the number of online auctions like Auto Auction Mall continues to rise. The advantage of a used car auction is that it gives people the ability to own a car that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford if it was brand new.

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When purchasing used cars from online US used car auctions, it is important to note that no matter the mileage or look of the car, it is not fresh off the assembly line. To enjoy the car and have it perform in a near – new state, it is important to consider this and treat the car accordingly.

It is also important to note that online auction cars are sold on the condition of “where is, as is”. This means that when you purchase the car, you purchase it with every thing that comes with it. Auto Auction Mall allows you inspect the cars you want to buy physically. There are third party inspection companies that offer up to a 150-point inspection checklist for a fee to help you manage unseen damages.

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Granted, used cars with clear titles often come in excellent conditions that are truly run and drive but for safety reasons, there are still some basic lines of action to follow. Some vehicles come with unseen damages that a really smooth exterior wont reveal. So what should you do when you take delivery of your Auto Auction Mall purchase dream car in Nigeria? How do you deal with these damages

Preliminary Inspection

Take a thorough physical look at the ins and outs of the car upon arrival. Identify possible dents, damages that are visible to the naked eye and take note of them. The benefit if this is that it helps you understand the true condition of the car as against the pictures you had to work with during purchase.

Full Diagnostics

A thorough computer diagnostics at your local auto shop would give you a detailed and in-depth look at the true condition of your car. Including the electricals and the engine letting you know what condition your cars components are. This is super important if you’re purchasing a car with a a lot of miles on it.

Auto Servicing and Maintenance

Remember that including the shipping time, your car has been stationary for up to 2 months or more. Without a doubt, some fluids would need draining and changing and some components like filters would need servicing or outright replacement. Taking all of these precautions would help you enjoy your car better and prolong it’s life giving you a car in near new condition.

Taking this step will also expose any issues you should be wary of. There are simple issues that a fluid change or basic optimising would focus but when you don’t know about it, rest assured, it would come back to bite you at huge costs. So take the time to run a full check on the condition of your car before you start using.

Check/Change Brakes

Apart from the different terrain and driving conditions in Nigeria, wouldn’t you agree that it is more satisfy to drive a car that you know for a fact when it’s brake pads were changed than driving a car that you just assumed has okay brake pads? Brakes are an integral component of any moving vehicle and if not for the assurance of good brakes, consider your personal safety and do the needful.

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