Car in Kazakhstan
By Mike Richards Updated: 01/08/2021 Posted: 10/16/2015

Do you want to buy a vehicle in the United States and then have it imported to Kazakhstan? If so, then you should make sure you look at one of the best and simplest ways to buy: online auctions. In this article, we’ll be looking at how you can buy the vehicles from auction, and how you can export a salvaged car to Kazakhstan.

Why a Salvaged Vehicle?

Why should you consider trying to buy and export a salvaged car to Kazakhstan? One of the biggest factors has to do with the price. If you are buying a brand new or a used vehicle, the cost of bringing it into the country can be quite high right now.

Even after the country becomes part of the WTO, which we will discuss later, the price could be more than your budget allows. However, when you buy a salvaged vehicle, you have the chance to save a substantial amount of money on the purchase.

Many people are wary of these types of cars and trucks because they know they will need to have repairs. The repairs should not necessarily scare you off, though. After repairing the vehicle, chances are you will still be saving money compared to buying a typical new or used vehicle.

One of the top places from which to buy when you export a salvaged vehicle to Kazakhstan is an online auction. It makes it easy to find many different types of cars and trucks from the US all in one place. Since you are bidding against other buyers, you have a good opportunity to save even more than you imagined. If the price gets too high, you don’t have to follow the other bidders.

Shipping the Vehicle

Once you have the vehicle, you need to export the salvaged vehicle to Kazakhstan. One of the first steps is finding an international shipping company. The company should be able to bring the vehicle to a port or customs office that’s relatively close to you. There, you will be able to pay the duties and pick up the vehicle. Keep in mind that you may not be able to drive it right away if it has a salvage title.

Custom Duties Reduced

In January of 2013, Kazakhstan decided to reduce the custom duties when importing cars from other countries, such as the United States. Previous to the announcement of the reduction, buyers would have to pay a rate of 30%. The reduction will take place “three years after accession to the WTO”.

The goal is to make it easier for people in the country to have access to items that are from countries that are part of the World Trade Organization. This should allow many more buyers in the country to find it economically feasible to buy vehicles from outside of the country.

If you are in Kazakhstan, and you want to export a salvaged car, it’s still a good idea to look at the current duties to see whether it’s worth it to buy now or to simply start looking and wait to import until the country becomes a full part of the WTO. Do what makes the most sense for you based on your needs to have a vehicle now, as well as your financial needs.

Getting the Vehicle on the Road

If you want to register the vehicle you’ve brought into the country – and you likely do unless you were simply buying the vehicle for parts – then you need to make sure you can get it in safe, drivable condition first. It’s very important that the vehicle has all of the proper repairs and that you do not skimp on any part of the rebuild. Make the vehicle safe and roadworthy before trying to register it.

The New Plates

When you export a salvage vehicle to Kazakhstan from the United States, you will also need new license plates. In 2012, it became mandatory for vehicles in the country to have a state registration number plate, or SRNP, on the vehicle. The old design was discontinued, and whenever you are buying or bringing a new vehicle into the country, you have to make sure that you get the new plates – even if it is an older model vehicle.

After you’ve registered your vehicle, you will need to fill out an application for the plates. You need to provide an ID with your residential address on it as well. If the ID card you have does not contain your current address, you will need to provide an additional address reference.

Can You Get Insurance?

One of the common questions among those who want to export a salvaged vehicle to Kazakhstan is whether they will be able to get insurance or not. While it might not be possible to get full coverage easily, it should not be a problem to get coverage for liability insurance. There is a number of different companies in the country that can provide for your insurance needs, including popular insurers such as Kazakhinstrakh JSC.

Take some time to speak with the insurance companies you are considering and talk with them about what they can offer if you export a salvaged vehicle to Kazakhstan. This will give you a much better idea of the type of coverage you will be able to get, and how much it will cost, once you import your vehicle and get it ready for the road and registration.

Keep Up With Changes to the Rules

If you export a salvaged vehicle to Kazakhstan, keep up with any changes to the laws and regulations in the country regarding these imports. Keeping yourself apprised of the changes ensures that you have a much easier time when bringing a vehicle into the country.

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