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How To Get Auto Insurance for Salvage Cars in New Hampshire NH?

By Mike Richards Updated: 08/17/2022 Posted: 10/18/2015

Insurance salvage cars New Hampshire

Purchasing a salvaged car can save you quite a bit of cash. Еhere are plenty of opportunities to buy such a vehicle at a auto auction in NH New Hampshire, at a fraction of the price of the same make and model car that hasn’t been salvaged, though you’re going to have to invest some additional money to get a salvage vehicle road-worthy again.

Additionally, you will have to comply with state rules and regulations to get the car retitled, and jump through some hoops to get your auto salvage NH insured again. Here’s the process for doing just that in a few clear and easy to understand steps.


Rules for Insurance Salvage Cars New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, many of the rules dealing with custom-built or homemade cars are also applicable to salvaged ones. Since a salvage vehicle comes with a title with that brand, you can’t just repair the car to working order and register it once more. 

You’ve got to get a new title that reflects its rebuilt status. To do so, you’ll need to visit a New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles Salvage Location with your rebuilt vehicle plus several other pieces of paperwork, including:

  • A report from your insurance adjuster
  • An Application for Salvage Certificate (Form TDMV 24) by the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles.
  • The bill of sale for your vehicle.
  • The title for the frame or any other major replacement parts.
  • Proof that you are the owner of the vehicle.
  • $50 in order to pay the fee for the new rebuilt salvage title.

If you comply with all these requirements, you’ll be given a Verification of Vehicle Identification (TDMV 19A).

You’ll need this form in order to register your rebuilt salvage car.

You can bring this form and your Salvage Certificate form to your town clerk to prove ownership of your vehicle, who will file the paperwork for you.

You will then get your rebuilt vehicle title in the mail. In some cases, you can get license plates from your town clerk. In the event that your clerk doesn’t offer this service, you can take your registration to the closest DMV office. Where you’ll be responsible for paying the state fees for your new vehicle registration as well.

Keep in mind that you’ll also need to have your salvaged vehicle inspected, just like any other vehicle in the state of New Hampshire. In essence, your rebuilt car is treated just as any other non-rebuilt car once securing your new title. At least under the laws of the state.


The Quest to Insure Your Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle

However, you will still need to get insurance cover. This might be difficult, as insurers are often reluctant to provide coverage for rebuilt cars. As they’re already a write-off and there’s no telling if there are inherent faults in the vehicle. That will result in a catastrophic failure that could precipitate an accident.

You will be able to get some coverage for your rebuilt salvage car, as it’s relatively easy to get personal liability and property damage coverage, for example. However, it will be more difficult to get coverage against physical damage to the vehicle like collision or comprehensive coverage.

Your best bet in such a situation is to find an insurer that is willing to be convinced that your rebuilt vehicle is safe to drive. This will usually involve submitting your vehicle to an inspection by an insurance company representative. Usually, either an agent or a mechanic is willing to inspect a car on an insurer’s behalf.

These inspections can be anywhere from cursory, which typically involves a look at the general condition of the vehicle (usually accompanied by photographing the outside of the vehicle), to a fully-fledged mechanical and safety inspection.

Whatever the case, if an insurer finds that your car (from car auctions in NH). Is in good enough shape to warrant providing either comprehensive or collision insurance. They’ll offer a policy with those options. Chances are your premium rates are still going to be a bit higher than normal. But it’s not much of a price to pay for long-term protection for your recently restored salvage vehicle, especially if you’ve invested a lot of time and money into it.

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