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Exotic Car Auctions: How To Get With Salvage Exotic Cars the Car of My Dreams?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/23/2019 Posted: 10/21/2015

Have you always wondered what it might be like to own an exotic vehicle? If you have and then looked at your bank account, it’s quite possible that you felt the dream was squashed. However, thanks to exotic car auctions, that might not be the case. Even those who have relatively small budgets may be able to find salvage exotic cars that could be a great buy.

Before you get too excited though, you have to understand that getting the right car at a good price will take some homework on your part.

Gather Information

No matter what type of exotic car you want, it is first important to make sure you know as much about the vehicle as possible. How much would one of the vehicles go for when it was brand new? How much would it cost today in good condition? Since you are looking at salvage exotic cars, how much would it be worth with a salvage title? Knowing the value of the vehicle you are buying, regardless of the condition, ensures you are not overspending.

Find the Right Auction

Not all auctions will have salvage exotic cars available, so you need to make sure you choose an auction that has these types of vehicles. That is not the only research you need to do, though. You also have to make sure that the auction is legitimate and has a good reputation. Going through some of the larger and better-known auctions (for example Mecum) is often the best option, as you can be sure they are safe.

The Vehicle’s Condition

Salvage exotic cars can help you save thousands of dollars on the cost of buying one of these types of vehicles. However, the exact condition of the vehicle can vary greatly, and you need to pay particular attention to this. What’s wrong with the car and why does it have a salvage title?

Sometimes, the vehicle needs to have substantial repairs and buying through the auction may still be too pricey when you consider the cost of those repairs. Other times, you can get a vehicle that is cheap enough that the repairs still make it a good buy.

When you find out what’s wrong with the car, speak with a mechanic about the estimated cost of repair. This won’t be an exact number, but it will give you a better idea of whether it is one you will want to bid on or not.

In some cases, the vehicle may not actually be something you can rebuild, as they are for parts only. If you have another vehicle that you are trying to repair that is the same make and model, then buying one of these salvage exotic cars for the parts it contains can be a great option. The parts-only vehicles tend to be even cheaper, but keep in mind that there will be other bidders out there with the same idea as you. Don’t let the bids get too out of hand.

Get Your Dream Car on the Road

When you take the time to research the salvage exotic cars that are available, you might just be able to find the vehicle you’ve always wanted. It might need some work to get back into shape, but that might be worth it. If you buy the vehicle and repair it, you will be fulfilling your fantasy and you can do so without spending a fortune.

However, you will need to follow the rules and regulations of your state or country to retitle your rebuilt vehicle. You also need to keep in mind that it can be a bit more difficult to get certain types of insurance for a rebuilt vehicle.

Getting liability is generally easy, as the company doesn’t see any increased risk on their part. This type of insurance is to cover damage done to people and property by your vehicle. Finding companies that offer higher levels of coverage such as collision and comprehensive is more difficult. They do not know how to value the salvage exotic cars, and some are reticent to offer coverage.

This just means you need to shop around to many different companies to see what they are able to offer. When you do find insurance, keep in mind that it should be lower than if the car was new or if it didn’t have a salvage title, as the value is lower. Do not overpay for insurance.

Whether you are going to use them for parts or you are using them for a vehicle that you can drive proudly on the road, auctions are a fantastic option for salvage exotic cars. Follow the tips in this article and start searching for the vehicle you’ve always wanted.

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