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Salvage Cars Definition and How to Buy and Insure a Salvage Title Car in Idaho?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 10/17/2015

Every state has different laws regarding how salvage vehicles, so it is important to learn about Idaho specifically if you live in that state. You are going to need to take some steps in order to make your salvage car legal for registration, insuring, and driving.

Rebuilt  and Salvage Cars Definition

The state of Idaho has specific definitions for cars that have been salvaged in different ways and this information will be listed on the title.

  • Rebuilt Salvage – This is what you want to work toward. It means you can legally drive the vehicle because you have done the proper repairs to it.
  • Salvage Vehicle – This means that the car sustained so much damage that it is not economically possible for the insurance company to repair it. Usually, the marker is when repair costs are 75% or more of the value of the car before the damage. These cars cannot be registered and are not legally drivable.
  • Theft Recovery Vehicle – When a car is stolen, the insurance company will replace it for the owner. If that stolen vehicle is eventually recovered, then it is salvaged even though it may not have any damage to it.
  • Total Loss – This is used to refer to cars that cannot even be repaired to roadworthiness. For that reason, they can only be sold for scrap.

Salvage vehicles can be damaged through collisions, theft, vandalism, flooding, and even hail.

If a vehicle is salvaged in another state and you have it shipped into Idaho, then you have 30 days to apply for a salvage certificate in the state. At that time, it becomes a salvage vehicle in Idaho and can go through the rebuilt process.

Rebuilding a Salvage Car

If you buy a salvage car, then the first thing you will need to do is repair it. The state of Idaho requires that you replicate the original make and model as much as possible with parts you need to use. As long as you do this, then your salvage title will either be marked as reconstructed or repaired, depending on the situation.

Idaho handles salvages in two different ways. They may brand a title as rebuilt or reconstructed. They may also offer a salvage certificate that works in conjunction with the title. Additionally, cars will be branded either total loss or salvage with the former being no repairable.

Ownership is not proven through the salvage certificate itself. This goes with the car and actually doesn’t prove anything. For that reason, Idaho uses salvage pools. These refer to vehicle dealers that specifically work in buying and selling salvaged cars.

How to Get Insurance

When you first purchase a salvage car in Idaho, you can’t get it registered. That’s because it is not considered drivable. That means, in turn, that you can’t get it insured. However once you have gone through the rebuilding process, which includes repairing the vehicle and then getting it retitled through the DMV, then you will be able to get it registered.

There are a couple of things you need to remember about getting insurance from insurer on a rebuilt salvage title:

  • Not all insurance companies will even be willing to offer coverage. Don’t be surprised if you get a few denials.
  • Many insurance companies will offer liability coverage only. That makes your car legal to drive, but it won’t offer compensation for repairing your car in a wreck.
  • If you want comprehensive coverage, then you will have to look very hard. That’s because most companies won’t offer this. However, if you look hard enough, then you can find one that will.

Obviously, you do need to get a salvage car insured before you can drive it, so be sure to provide any proof that an insurance company asks for, such as the title showing the car is rebuilt salvage, documents listing repairs you made, receipts, inspections, and so on.

How to Get a Salvage Car in Idaho

You can import a salvage car into Idaho from other states. You will just need to apply for an Idaho salvage title within a month. So, you can buy from anywhere you would like. And, this is one reason why an online car auction could be a great way for you to find a car.

Through these auctions, you can access thousands of salvage cars in different conditions. You can even bid on them and buy them from your own home. That takes a lot of pressure and stress off of you, and that means you can take your time and find the perfect salvage car for you.

You don’t need to worry about dealing with shipment. When you work with the right online car auction site, they will help you set up delivery too. That makes things even easier on you.

If you are interested in buying a salvage car, then you can definitely save a great deal of money. Additionally, you may not even have to make that many repairs.  It all depends on the vehicle and the damage it sustained. Either way, you can get a nice car without spending as much money as you normally would.

Just always ensure you follow Idaho laws so that you can get a proper rebuilt salvage title and that will allow you to legally drive that car with the proper registration and insurance.

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