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How to Insure and Register My Salvage Title Car in Utah?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 10/17/2015

If you live in Utah and are looking for a way to get cheap used cars, then buying a salvage car at an Utah auto auctions may be a good option. Once you have your salvage car, you need to follow the laws of the state of Utah to get that vehicle legal to drive.

State Laws

Utah is a little less demanding than some states when it comes to a salvage car and attaining rebuilt-restored status. However, there are some things you need to know, as well as certain things you will need to do in order to legally get your car licensed and insured.

The state of Utah uses a system of branding. What is a branded title and what does branded title mean? When a car has been listed as salvage, then it is branded with this title. According to the state, a car is branded as salvage when it has been damaged to the point that it would cost more than its value to repair so that it is safe for use on the roads again. The law bans these salvage cars from getting licensed and insured because they are considered not drivable.

If a car is purchased out of state, then the rules are different. A car that is salvaged in another state must be repaired in that state and receive a repair title. Only then will the Department of Motor vehicles Utah issue a branded title for that car.

As a result, it is very common for people to purchase cheap used cars on salvage auctions, have them shipped to another state and repaired and then shipped to Utah in the repair state. On the same note, if a car has been listed as salvaged in another state, it cannot have the listing removed in the state of Utah. In other words, you cannot ship a salvage car to Utah, repair it and have it go through the lenient inspections to get a clean title.

Getting the Salvage Title Removed

It is possible to get a salvage title removed in the state of Utah. That’s because a law was passed in 1992, which allowed that cars that had minor damage could be repaired and get a clean title. According to the law, if the car has only one major component part damaged and a secondary component that requires ten hours or less to repair, then upon passing an inspection, the car will receive a clean title.

The inspection required to remove the brand or to change it to a repair salvage title is handled by the Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division of the Utah State Tax Commission. You can find out more about locations where you can have your branded vehicle inspected by visiting the Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division website or at official site Dept of Motor Vehicles Utah.

Getting Insured

You have to have at least liability insurance coverage on a vehicle for it to be legally drivable in Utah. If the car is branded as salvaged and it has not undergone any repairs, you won’t be able to register it or get insurance on it. You can only seek insurance coverage after you have either had the brand removed (in the case of minor damage) or had it changed to repair salvage.

Not all insurance companies will be interested in offering full coverage for these vehicles from Utah auto auction. That’s because even a salvage car that has been repaired is considered to be a risk by insurance companies. As a result, the majority of insurance companies will offer liability coverage only.

However, if you shop around, depending on the extent of the damage to your vehicle, you may be able to find companies that will offer comprehensive insurance coverage.

In some ways, Utah state laws about switching to a repair salvage title are more lenient than other states. However, the laws surrounding moving a salvage care into the state are stricter. So, if you choose to buy a car from another state specifically, then make sure you thoroughly understand Utah law so that you can follow it properly. Now your question “How to register my car in Utah?” got answer.

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