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How to Insure and Register a Salvage Car from Michigan Auto Auction?

By Mike Richards Updated: 10/15/2019 Posted: 10/16/2015

Many residents in Michigan love the idea of buying salvage cars because of the low prices, but it’s important that they understand what they need to do to get the vehicle on the road, for example DMV Michigan vehicle registration rules interstate and out-of-state.

What Is Salvage in Michigan?

According to Michigan law, a vehicle with a salvage title cannot operate on any public roads. People in the state can buy totaled vehicles at a salvage Michigan auto auction, but they need to apply for a salvage title (if one isn’t transferable) before they can ship or even tow the vehicle. Those who wish to apply need to submit their application either at a local Secretary of State branch or to the central office at Lansing and pay a fee.

Once you have the vehicle, you can complete repairs on it to get it ready for the road once again. Many garages in the state provide rebuilding (renew) services for any driver.

After the repairs are complete, the vehicle will need to have an inspection performed by a salvage vehicle inspector. The inspector will be looking at the parts used for the repair of the vehicle to ensure they are not stolen.

The inspector will also ensure that the vehicle meets the requirements to be on the road in Michigan. Currently, the fee for this type of inspection is $100, but this is subject to change. You can find a list of the inspectors and their locations at the Michigan Secretary of State’s website. The inspector will complete a TR-13B Salvage Vehicle Recertification form.

After the rebuild and the inspection, you can have the vehicle recertified and can get a rebuilt-salvage title for it. To do so, you need to go to a local Secretary of State branch and bring the salvage title, an Application for Salvage Vehicle Inspection form (TR-13A) and the Salvage Vehicle Recertification form (TR-13B).

At this point, you can buy or transfer license plates, or buy a temporary 30-day or 60-day permit. You also need to provide proof of insurance, and pay the applicable fees.

Insuring the Vehicle

Getting insurance for the vehicle is essential if you want to take it onto the roadways in Michigan. Most insurance companies will offer some basic liability insurance for a rebuilt salvage car.

However, it can be more difficult to get greater levels of coverage, it can be more difficult. Insurance companies are often unsure of how they should value a rebuilt vehicle so some of them are reluctant to offer this type of coverage. However, some will offer coverage. Make sure you talk with a number of different insurance companies.

Getting a salvage auction car in Michigan back on the road does require some added steps. However, with the lower cost of the vehicle, many residents find that it’s a great option.

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