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How to Save Money on a Brand New Car?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 10/23/2015

Nobody likes paying full price for anything if they can help it. People just love saving money on a brand new car. To that end, here are some good ways to shave off more than just a few percentage points on a brand new car purchase.

Beware the Car Dealership

Negotiating with a car salesperson can be an ordeal. Even though there are strategies to make the best out of the situation, wouldn’t it be better to just avoid the car dealership completely and not even have to mess with the entire process? There is a way to circumvent the car dealership completely. All it involves is going to the source.

The Inside Track

Have you ever wondered where car dealers get all these vehicles to sell, especially brand new cars?

The answer is, in many cases, private dealer-only car actions. These events, which are closed to the public, require you to present a valid dealer’s license to enter and bid on the cars up on the block.

These vehicles start their bid prices at wholesale – typically anywhere between 40 percent and 60 percent off the MSRP of a given car. Even if the bidding becomes competitive, it is likely that it will go for a much reduced price when compared with retail price. That is how car dealers are able to make a profit.

Harnessing the Power for You

However, you’re not getting into a dealer auction without a connection. If you know someone that owns their own auto body shop or car dealership that you trust, typically a close friend or a relative, you can ask to tag along the next time they go to a dealer auction. If they are comfortable bidding on a car with your money, you might just walk out with a brand new car for a relatively low price.

Then again, not everyone knows the owner of a car dealership. This doesn’t you’re out of luck, though. You can bid over the Internet at a certain online car auctions. You’ll still need a way in by providing a dealer’s license, but there are proxy companies out there that will bid on your behalf using their own dealer license for a small fee.

These proxy sites are one of the most efficient ways to buy a brand new car at auction, as you don’t even need to leave your home to instruct your proxy company when it comes to which cars you would like to bid on and how much you’re willing to spend.

Not only that, but these proxy companies will even arrange for your new car to be transported directly to your driveway at the end of auction. This service is often included in the fee, or it’s available for just a little more. Even with these associated fees, you’re still getting an amazing deal on a new car, one that’s much cheaper than even the least expensive new car on the lot of your favorite dealership.

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