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How to Use Wholesale Car Sales to Find New Cars?

By Mike Richards Updated: 10/15/2019 Posted: 10/22/2015

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you do not want to pay an exorbitant amount for it. Most people do not realize they can look for wholesale car sales to buy for far cheaper than what the dealers will usually charge.

However, you need to know what prices are actually wholesale, not to mention how to find the sales and get the deals. It takes more work than simply walking into a dealership and taking whatever offer they put on the table, but your bank account will be much happier in the end. Let’s look at what you can do.

Understand the Price

When it comes to wholesale car sales, you have to understand what the best price actually is, and this comes from getting to know the vehicle you want to buy. Get as much information as you can find on the vehicle that you want to buy including the wheels, audio, extras, and the engine size.

When you know exactly what you want, and when you know everything about the car that interests you, it becomes easier to know the wholesale price. Your goal is to get the price you pay as close to the wholesale as possible. A good way to get information on prices is through guides such as Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds.

If you are looking for new cars, you should not have to worry about them having any damage or needing repairs. They should be ready to register, insure and drive. While some people like getting older vehicles, and even salvage vehicles through auctions, being able to get something that’s brand new at a wholesale price may be the best option.

Go to an Auction

There are some great auctions with wholesale car sales out there. However, the problem is that only people holding a dealer’s license can attend these auctions.

Fortunately, there is a way around this by working with a third party dealer who can take care of the bidding for you. You will be able to get information about the vehicles through their website and then you can set up your maximum bidding amount. They will bid up to that amount for you. It’s very simple, and it is the best way for you to take part in wholesale car sales and reap the benefits.

However, when you are choosing to work with one of these companies, you should learn more about them and how they operate. What can they offer when it comes to helping with shipping the vehicle to you? How much will they be charging for their services? Make sure that you will still be saving on your overall purchase price.

What If You Can’t Get to an Auction?

Maybe you can’t find an auction in your area with a dealer you can use, or you don’t want to go through an online auction. Even though it’s generally the best method for wholesale car sales, you do have another option. You can go directly through one of the dealerships in your area and negotiate.

If you have researched and got the wholesale price of the vehicle, then you know approximately what the dealer paid for it. You should then be able to negotiate with the dealer to get as close to that wholesale price as possible.

Of course, dealers do not like to drop their prices, so you need to be adamant that you will walk away and go to another dealer if you can’t get the price you want. Some will accommodate you and others will not.

As you can see, wholesale car sales through an auction tend to be a much better option if you aren’t the type of person who wants to spend hours trying to negotiate in a dealer’s office.

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