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How to Work With Cheap Car Dealers at Auction?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 10/16/2015

When it comes to buying cars at low prices, many people have come to realize that online auctions are an excellent option. However, if you are only going through public auctions, then you could very well be missing some great vehicles that are only available to dealers. Some of these dealer-only auctions have fantastic cars and trucks for sale, but the only people who participate are car dealers that are trying to add to their inventory of vehicles. So, how do you get in on all of this goodness?

What Do You Need to Do?

Well, you don’t have to become a car dealer and get a license to sell. In fact, it’s quite easy to work with dealers who are willing to help you get access to the auctions. These dealers know that a number of people out there want to have more access to auctions, and it’s a good business opportunity for them to provide an outlet for those buyers.

You will not be able to bid on the vehicles yourself, since you do not have a dealer license. However, the dealer you are working with is able to bid on your behalf in some of these auctions. You can look through the auction’s online catalog of vehicles and choose the ones that you want to bid on. You can then tell the dealer your maximum bid amount, and at the time of the auction, they will bid for you.

If you hope to get the right vehicle, you need to do your research on the car first. Why is it in the auction? Many vehicles have salvage titles, which means they will need to have further repairs before they are drivable. A good company will provide you with information on the vehicles so you can make a good choice before you spend your money. After all, when you are buying through an auction, you are buying “as is”.

Choosing the Car Dealer

When you are choosing a dealer, or proxy bidder, to work with, it is very important that you put in the effort to research the company. How long have they been in business? What type of help do they offer when it comes to actually getting your vehicle to you after you buy it? Can they help you find shipping, or will you need to find a shipping company on your own. Whether you are buying from another state, or even from out of the country, help with shipping can be a huge help.

First, you will want to check out their website and see what services they can provide. Often, you can also get a look at some of the auctions and the types of vehicles that are available. Make sure you learn about any of the fees associated with using the company, so you know exactly what you will be paying when you get your vehicle. Next, check some reviews of the company from other people who have used them, if they are available. It can give you a better idea of what it will be like to work with these car dealers.

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