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Hybrid Vs Gas Vs Diesel Cars: Which is best for you?

By Daisy Emah-Emah Posted: 06/22/2021

Hybrid, Gas, Diesel? Don’t we all want a car that has high fuel efficiency, saves us a few bucks, and produces enough power for us to literally “fly” on land? 


You might be wondering which is the best for you!  But it all boils down to your driving style and how long you are on the road.


Some car owners are after that deep growl and powerful engine. Some are after a classy interior with that luxurious feel. Others only need an extra set of wheels to get them from point A to B. For most car buyers, fuel economy is the most important factor when making a purchase. 


If fuel efficiency is your top priority, then Hybrids are your best bet most especially for city trips because of the high traffic, stop or go at traffic lights and stop signs. The braking within the city allows batteries to charge which powers the car. 


Full-time gas/petrol engine cars are best when your total car ride is less than 7500 miles in a year and finally, diesel is best for long highway trips with high mileage.  


This is putting it briefly, however, if you are still undecided and would like a comparison, we’ve put together more information to help you make up your mind and get what’s right for you.


Hybrid vs Gas vs Diesel


1. Hybrid Vehicles

Picking a hybrid car is ideal for city driving where batteries are recharged while you are stuck in traffic during rush hours. It is also an awesome option for drivers who are super psyched about reducing their carbon footprint. Electric vehicles are also an option for carbon footprint reduction but the price may be too high for some. 



Hybrids are lightweight, save gas, run smoothly and the engine produces less sound than its diesel or gas counterparts. Hybrids produce better fuel efficiency and fewer emissions thanks to electric power.  


The drawback with hybrids is that they don’t produce as much power as their counterparts. The cost of purchasing a brand new hybrid is higher than the other two but it is cheaper when buying from used car auctions like Auto Auction Mall.  In case of an accident, hybrids tend to be more hazardous and prone to fires, thanks to the batteries.. 


2. Gas Vehicles

If you do not travel more than 7500 miles annually, this is perfect for you. They are cheaper than hybrid and diesel engines even with the same features. Gas engines produce high gas horsepower, as diesel and hybrid engines do not accelerate as fast. Also, gas engines start quickly even in cold weather conditions.



The downside of gas engines is that gasoline is more expensive even though they are widely available. They also produce emissions, however little, though less than diesel engines but emissions nonetheless and that’s a deal-breaker for the environmentally aware car owner.


3. Diesel Vehicles

Diesel engines are much more popular in trucks which is why they are best for highway routes and are more fuel-efficient than gas engines. They offer full fuel efficiency without reducing vehicle performance. Diesel engines offer more torque and have a longer lifespan than gas-powered engines. You can pocket a few bucks with diesel as it is less expensive than gasoline. 


diesel fuel cap


The disadvantage of diesel engines is that they produce less horsepower than gas engines, they are also oud and release pollutants into the air. 


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Looking at all the factors, choosing the right car is key when buying a car especially if it’s your first. You should consider your needs, driving pattern, travel distance, and most of all budget. 


Annual car maintenance can be steep if you are not prepared for it


In summary, choose a  hybrid vehicle for within city cruise, a gas vehicle if you care about the low mileage, or a diesel vehicle for high-mileage and highway driving. 


If you are looking to save even more on purchase considering maintenance costs, you might want to consider used car wholesale auctions, Auto Auction Mall. You’ll have access to an inventory of over 150,000 vehicles comprising diesel, hybrid, and gas engine vehicles to choose from and save thousands of dollars on.