Importing a car from the U.S.?

If you live outside the U.S. and are looking to buy a vehicle at a U.S. auction (such as Auto Auction Mall), there is a log of research you need to do, from customs laws to shipping options – we help provide a path through these issues with guides on all sorts of topics related to importing vehicles from the United States.

Importing Cars

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What Are The Plusses and Minuses of RORO Shipping for Used Cars?

International buyers are increasingly turning to online dealer auto auctions in the U.S. to buy used cars. The reason for this is simple. These auctions provide buyers with the chance …

1 year ago
Is It Possible to Import Used Cars from Dealer Auctions into My Country?

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve likely heard about how popular dealer auctions are becoming in the United States. In decades past, these auctions had been largely inaccessible to …

1 year ago updated 12/03/2017
Is It Possible to Buy Used Cars in Dealer Auctions and Import Them?

Things in the auto market in the United States have changed dramatically in recent years. This is due to the opening up of dealer auctions to ordinary consumers. The opening …

1 year ago
How to Use Online Dealer Auto Auctions in the U.S. as an International Buyer

There’s something that has dramatically changed the automotive market in the United States. In recent years, a number of websites that offer access to dealer auctions have appeared. These websites …

1 year ago
Importing Used or Salvage Vehicles from the United States into Jordan Auto Market

Although the government of Jordan has taken steps in recent years to curtail the import of used vehicles, the market there is still strong, particularly when it comes to vehicles imported …

2 years ago updated 08/07/2018
Importing Used or Salvage Vehicles from the United States into Benin

Thanks to incredibly high import duties and restrictions placed upon used cars by neighboring Nigeria and other West African nations, the importation of used cars has been big business in …

2 years ago updated 08/09/2017
Importing Used or Salvage Vehicles from the United States into Kenya

Offering access to the lucrative used car markets in the countries that surround it and also its own, Kenya has become a popular destination for used and salvage U.S. vehicles. …

2 years ago updated 08/09/2017
Importing Used or Salvage Vehicles from the United States into El Salvador including Toyota

For those who wish to import U.S. used and salvage motor vehicles to other countries, including Toyota, El Salvador is an incredibly attractive destination. As a matter of fact, cars …

2 years ago updated 06/08/2018
Importing Used or Salvage Vehicles from the United States into Finland

As a member of the European Union, the majority of used cars imported into Finland originate from other member nations. However, there is some room for used and salvage vehicles …

2 years ago updated 08/09/2017
Importing used or salvage vehicles from the United States into Ecuador and Peru

As a member of the Andean Community, a South American trading block that includes Bolivia, Peru (auto salvage) and Colombia as its primary members, Ecuador has very strict laws concerning …

2 years ago updated 07/24/2018
Good Trade: Importing Used or Salvage Vehicles into Honduras from the United States

Home to the largest deep-water port in all of Central America, Honduras is naturally an attractive destination for someone looking to import used or salvage U.S. vehicles into Central America. However, …

2 years ago updated 05/10/2018
Importing Used Vehicles from the United States into Uruguay

Uruguay is a country that’s become known for the number of classic used automobiles that line its roads. For this reason, it may at first become the apple of a …

2 years ago
Importing Used Vehicles from the United States into the United Arab Emirates

As one of the world’s largest economic powerhouses, the United Arab Emirates presents an attractive market for the would-be importer of used U.S. vehicles. This is especially true due to …

2 years ago updated 07/31/2017
How Vehicles Bought at Auction are Transported to the Buyer

The Internet has brought a world of convenience to consumers for all types of products. Businesses have expanded their reach to customers around the globe, giving them the ability to …

3 years ago updated 07/30/2017
Rules For Importing Cars to Saudi Arabia

When you are exporting a car from the US and importing to Saudi Arabia, there are a number of rules you will need to follow.
Understanding the Rules of Saudi Arabia …

3 years ago updated 08/03/2017