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Insuring and Registering a Connecticut Auction Car

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/23/2019 Posted: 10/16/2015

For Connecticut residents, buying cars at car auctions  in CT can be a fantastic way to find vehicles for a fraction of their normal cost. Both in-peron and online auctions alike tend to have a wide range of different types of vehicles available for purchase. Some of the vehicles are in good shape and are ready for the road. However, a number of the cars and trucks you will find have salvage titles.

However, the fact that a car has a salvage title does not mean that it can never get back on the road. In some cases, with some repair work, they can be made drivable again. You simply have to know what to buy and how to get a rebuilt title, as well as insurance, for the vehicle.

Rebuilding the Vehicle

Make sure you start by rebuilding the vehicle so that it is actually roadworthy. It’s possible to rebuild the vehicle on your own, but it’s generally a better idea to work with a garage that has experiencing rebuilding vehicles. They know the steps they have to take, and they can make sure that you do everything according to the law.

In Connecticut, you need to keep all of the receipts for parts you used during the repair process, as well as the VIN numbers for those parts. You will need to have these later for the inspection. Additionally, you have to take photos of the rebuilding process and you need to provide these at the inspection as well.

Inspections and Retitling

Once you have the vehicle rebuilt, you can set an appointment for the inspection. The state currently has two different offices that offer inspections in Hamden and Wethersfield. The current fees for the inspection are $88, along with an administrative fee of $10 that’s payable only if the vehicle is ten years old or older, or if it has never been registered in the state.

The inspection will ensure the car is roadworthy and that there are no stolen parts used during the vehicle repair process. Remember that you can’t drive or even tow the vehicle to the inspection office. Instead, you need to bring it to the inspection via car carrier or on a flatbed.

When the vehicle passes the inspection, you will be able to get a new title. This title will have “rebuilt” written on it, and then you can go through the normal process of registering the vehicle. The vehicle will always carry a rebuilt title. This is to inform any future buyers that the vehicle has been rebuilt.

Getting Your Insurance

Before you can drive the vehicle on the roads in Connecticut, you need to have insurance for it. Contrary to what some might believe, it is possible to get insurance on your rebuilt vehicle without too much trouble, at least when it comes to liability insurance. Insurance companies have no problems offering this type of coverage because it only covers the damage that you cause to others, and not damage done to your vehicle.

Getting comprehensive and collision coverage is a different story, as insurance companies have trouble determining the value of rebuilt vehicles. However, it is still possible to find some companies that are able to offer this type of coverage.

It’s a good idea to talk with several insurance companies to see what policies they have in place for this and how they determine the value of your rebuilt vehicle. With a bit of legwork, you should be able to find some insurance companies that can offer added coverage for your vehicle.

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