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Is An Auction a Good Place to Buy a Used Car?

By Mike Richards Updated: 02/27/2021 Posted: 08/13/2019

Is an auction a good place to buy a used car? If you’re in the market looking for a used car, then auctions are not just a good place to buy. They can be the best place to buy, much better than the traditional local dealerships and private sellers. To find out how and why do read on.

What Makes Auctions the Better Option

We’ve all been through the unpleasant experience of going down to our local dealership to find a car. The selection is limited, the prices are too high, and on top of it all, you need to haggle with the dealer. In the end, you go home feeling frustrated and wishing for a better way of getting a car.

The usual alternative is to buy directly from a private seller. But that’s not much better. The selection will be even more limited, and searching for the car that suits your needs will take a lot more time and effort. You’ll need to sift through ads day in and day out until you find something you like.

But buying at an auto auction saves all these problems. The number and variety of vehicles you will find at an auction is huge. You’ll find vehicles of every kind, including trucks and motorcycles, and of every make and model. You may find salvage or damaged cars, but you will also find cars in very good condition, and almost new.

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But the greatest advantage is the price. At an auction, cars go for prices that are usually much lower than the ones you can find at your local dealership.

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The reason for this depends on the type of auction. On public auctions, which are open to everyone, you may find salvage cars put up for auction by insurance companies. These will be the cheapest vehicles, and worth your money if you are willing to repair them and re-register them.

But you will also find all sorts of used vehicles in a variety of conditions. These will be more expensive, but still cheaper than most cars at your local dealership. That’s because dealers often head to auctions to get part of their inventory. By buying at an auction, you will save on the dealer’s markup.

Speaking of dealers, there are auctions open exclusively for them. To access these dealer auctions, you’d normally need a dealer’s license. The vehicles at these auctions tend to be newer, in better condition, a more expensive. But if you could get access to these auctions, you could buy a great vehicle at a much-reduced price.

An Even Better Option: Online Auto Auctions

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Auto auctions are not ideal for everyone. In fact, if you are a first-time buyer at an auction, things can get hectic and quite overwhelming. It’s a noisy and confusing environment, and you really need to know what you’re doing to take full advantage. Besides, even if the variety is much greater than at a dealership, you are still limited to what is available at that specific auction.

But there is a better way. Nowadays, you can take part in auto auctions from the comfort of your home by going online. There are platforms like Auto Auction Mall that allow you to browse vehicles from a variety of auctions all over the country. They give you all the information you need, including photos and the history of the vehicle. The selection is huge: you get access to literally hundreds of thousands of vehicles.

You can even get access to all that is on offer at the usually closed dealer auctions. An auction platform like Auto Auction Mall will, in effect lend you their dealer license. This means you get to browse through the inventories of dealer auctions and pick what you want. Then Auto Auction Mall can bid on your behalf, up to the maximum bid you have set. This gives you the opportunity to get a high-quality car from a fraction of its usual price at the dealership.

Helping You Get Your Car to Your Door

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Another great advantage of online auto auctions like Auto Auction Mall is the excellent customer service they provide. At any moment, you can get all the information you need from a qualified auto auction specialist who will be able to guide you through every step of the way.

This includes dealing with all the paperwork that comes with buying a vehicle. Auto Auction Mall can also help you arrange shipping for your vehicle. Remember that, because you will be buying from home, possibly from an auction several states away, you will need to ship your vehicle to your address. You can arrange this yourself, but Auto Auction Mall can help, and you may find that their prices are very much worth it.

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