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Is it Worth Buying an Enhanced Vehicle From Copart?

By Daisy Emah-Emah Updated: 05/19/2022 Posted: 03/08/2022


Are you planning to make a purchase from an auction?


Auction terms can be overwhelming for first-time buyers to comprehend. The number of terms can make you feel out of depth while searching for cars, trucks, and/or suvs of your choice. Many auction platforms have similar terms and slightly different terms which can be a lot to memorize and understand.


If you want to buy from Copart you may come across a series of listings like run and drive or enhanced vehicles. 


It can be mind-blogging to know all these terms. We have a series of blog posts to help you break down those terms into bit sizes for you to understand. 


For this post, we’ll talk about “enhanced vehicles” on Copart.


What Does Enhanced Vehicle Mean?

If you’re familiar with the Copart platform, you may have come across the term “Enhanced Vehicle” on some vehicles. This doesn’t mean that the vehicle has enhanced features or other cool features… maybe it does. But on the Copart platform, it means something different.


A dirty vehicle does not look appealing in pictures which is very essential for potential online buyers. Copart with authority from the seller has the vehicle cleaned up so they look better and more appealing in pictures. 


According to Copart, vehicles listed as “Enhanced Vehicle” means


(i) the seller has authorized Copart to perform an enhancement service to the vehicle such as a wash and vacuum or protective covering or (ii) the vehicle is under a program that gives Copart discretion to use enhancement services to maximize the value of the vehicle. This designation does not guarantee that any enhancement service was completed but rather indicates that qualifying vehicles would likely be enhanced. It is the Copart member’s responsibility to inspect and verify the use of enhancement services.


An enhanced vehicle simply means that the vehicle was cleaned up to increase its value and a chance at a higher bid. On some very few occasions mechanical was carried out as well.  


Copart insists that the designation does not guarantee that the enhancement service was completed but indicates that qualified vehicles will likely be enhanced. This means that although the service was requested by the seller, there is no guarantee that it will be done. Sometimes Copart is not able to complete this before it hits the auction or photographed after it was done. 


Does this mean that all enhanced vehicles are “run and drive”? 


The vehicle’s condition cannot be guaranteed!


You have to check the condition of the vehicle before purchase – whether enhanced or not. 


How Do I Check Vehicle Condition?

We recommend two ways to check the condition of the vehicle you want to purchase. The first is to request a vehicle history report or run a VIN check on the vehicle. The vehicle history report contains detailed information about the vehicle. 


The vehicle’s report has information on the title, mileage, damage, accident, repair history, etc.  You can request the vehicle history report for a few dollars.


The second recommended method is to request a physical inspection of the vehicle. A physical inspection delves deeper into the vehicle’s current condition but may bite deep into your bank account. You can request a physical inspection from an inspection company or request the services of a professional mechanic to carry out the inspection.  


A physical inspection reveals hidden damages, verifies the working condition of parts and components of the vehicle. 


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How Do I Get My Vehicle?

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Note: We do not inspect any vehicle and we do not guarantee the condition of any vehicle!


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