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Is it Worth Getting a Physical Inspection Before Making My Purchase?

By Daisy Emah-Emah Posted: 01/28/2022

Imagine buying a vehicle only for you to realize it’s a lemon, thanks to underlying damages not captured in the Vehicle history report…


What a bummer!


You end up spending so much money on repairs and exceeding your budget. Instead of saving on your purchase – you spend more trying to revive a dead vehicle. 


This is one of the many colors of wholesale auctions…


Wholesale auction is like chocolate. It’s sweet and helps improve your mood, brings joy and rich flavor and sugar rush – but then you battle toothaches and cavities and other side effects from too much sweetness.


Buying from a used car wholesale auction has a lot of perks – but like chocolate, has a few cons of its own.


You don’t need to get discouraged!


Just like there is a solution for toothache – there is also a solution to avoid lemons in a wholesale auction. This doesn’t erase the fact that the vehicle’s condition is not guaranteed, but you will stand a better chance of landing a deal that may not cost you an arm and leg to fix.  


The solution…


We recommend you run a vehicle history report or VIN check on the vehicle you want to purchase. The VIN report has all the information of the vehicle including, title, damage history, repair history, accident history, etc.  VIN report cost a few dollars and you can get a few reports when you register on our platform


A physical Inspection goes deeper in providing you with more information on the current condition of the vehicle you purchase.  


Why do I Need a Physical Inspection?

A physical inspection clears all the doubts and gives you a better understanding of the vehicle you want to purchase. It requires someone going to the auction lot to physically access the condition of the vehicle you want to purchase. 


A physical inspection reveals hidden damages that may not be reflected in the vehicle history report. 



There are two ways to go about this…


You may want to do this yourself or have friends or family inspect the vehicle for you. The benefit of this option is that the physical inspection will be done at no cost. Unless you or whoever carries out the inspection has some knowledge about the cars, you will likely not have the right status of the vehicle. 


The second option is to hire a professional mechanic or the services of an inspection company to carry out the inspection. This option gives you a comprehensive report on the condition of the vehicle and you get advice on the next line of action. 


But at a high price…


How is a Physical Inspection Carried Out?

A physical inspection reveals hidden damages, verifies the working condition of parts and components. Different mechanics or Inspection companies have a checklist of what they are looking for. All the components of the vehicle are checked. 


Advantage Equipment Inspection has its entire inspection process broken down into the following:

  1. Asset Specifications: All assets available in the vehicle
  2. Assessing the brakes, tires & wheels
  3. General Observations – assessing for oil leaks, water leaks, oil in coolant, if it starts, if it runs/drives
  4. Safety Observations – assessment of exterior lights, wipers, gauges, city horn, and air horn if available.


Sample of Physical Inspection Report




Whether you hire a mechanic or an inspection company, make sure they have a checklist that is ticked during the inspection. This will act as the base for the report making it more detailed and comprehensive.


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What Next?

With the inspections done, you have a detailed report on the current status of the vehicle. If the report is to your liking, you can rest better knowing what you are paying for. Spending on physical inspection can save you the heartache of buying a lemon – especially for high-end vehicles with limited parts for replacement. 


If your plan is to sell the vehicle, the report will help with knowing the resale value of the vehicle. Now you can put the right price tag without fear of making losses or undervaluing your product. 


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