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Is Your New Car Waiting for You at an Online Auction? 

By Mike Richards Updated: 12/11/2017 Posted: 10/20/2015

There is an alternative to having to subject yourself to the traditional car-buying experience. Car auctions are an amazing resource for anyone who either doesn’t want to deal with the process of negotiating with a dealer directly or who wants to seek a bargain on a new vehicle.

However, even this option has its flaws, especially if you’re not the type of person who can handle the large crowds and the confusion that an auction usually attracts.

The Alternative to the Alternative

What if there was an even better alternative to both dealing with a car salesman directly and having to attend a car auction personally? What if there was a way to have the best of the car auction experience from the comfort of your own home? The truth is that this is very much a possibility, thanks to the advent of the Internet – the online car auction.

There are plenty of car auctions that are both open to the public and offer an online interface as well that lets you browse the inventory of a particular auction while also offering you the ability to place bids on these vehicles or even purchase them outright – all at a cost much lower than you might have anticipated.

The Ultimate in Online Auctions

Of course, not all online auction sites are created equal. In fact, some auctions might be off limits to the general public. There are wholesale and dealer-only auctions that are held both online and in person that only allow those with dealer’s licenses to participate.

These auctions usually have the best quality cars at the most attractive prices, but unless you’ve got a dealer’s license yourself – or you have access to a friend or family member with their own car dealer’s license, you won’t be able to get in.

Or you would be if there weren’t companies out there that have their own dealer’s license that are willing to bid and buy vehicles on your behalf in some of these online dealer auctions. For a modest fee, these companies will be your go-between, providing you detailed information on the vehicles up for auction and providing you an opportunity to bid on these cars – or buy them outright – through their dealer’s license.

It’s the ultimate weapon when it comes to online auctions, but the services these dealer auction proxy companies can provide you go further than just providing you access to these private online auctions. In many cases, a dealer auction company will even ship your newly-purchased car directly to your door.

Additionally, if you live abroad, these companies can take care of all the import shipping arrangements for you. All you have to do is pay the shipping costs and the import taxes and you can pick up your vehicle when it comes into port.  You’ll never have to set foot inside a car dealership ever again if you don’t want to.

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