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Key Questions to Ask Before Buying A Used Car From US Auctions in Nigeria

By Femi Amisu Updated: 05/23/2019 Posted: 12/17/2018

You’re drawn in by an ad on Facebook or Google. It’s an ad for a used car being sold in US online car auctions. Even better, it seems the price is just spot on and might even help you save some extra. You start longing for the car especially if you were looking to purchase a car at the time. It all seems good and perfect. However, before you start the purchase process there are some key questions to ask yourself. Getting value for your money is critical when buying a used car from US auctions.

buying a used car from US

Below are some questions you should definitely ask yourself before buying a used car from US auctions:

What Kind Of Car Do You Want? Used or New?

A brand new car is easy to buy if you can afford it; you’ll be buying directly from the assembly line usually through a primary dealer. Considering it is new, there’s really no need for deep thoughts about the condition of the car. If at worst there are defects, you’re still covered under the auto warranty. In cases of extreme issues, the car may be replace outrightly with another brand new one.


With a used car, however, it is a different story. Used cars are rarely covered by warranties. It’s also hard to accurately verify the maintenance history of the car. You need to know if it was in an accident. Or even if it has been left dormant for a while.

Yes, you definitely will be saving money. And Yes there are many used cars in good condition aside from the normal wear and tear. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, used cars are your best bet. Just remember that used cars sold in US auctions such as Auto Auction Mall are sold on a “Where is as Is” basis.

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Do You Have a Budget For The Car?

There are quite a lot of reasons why you could either buy a new or used car. The deciding factor becomes your budget. Do you have enough money to cover for a brand new car and the shipping cost? Or is the total amount for a brand new car perfect for a used car and its auction fees?

Car maintainance and servicing

With telephone assistance, our Nigerian rep can help you estimate costs so you have a clear view of what the total cost may be plus minus a few hundred dollars.

Used car auctions allow you to purchase your dream cars for less than 30% of the price of a new one. Yes, it might come with some damages, but with proper maintenance, the car will serve you for years.

Can You Inspect The Car, Take It for a Test Drive? Or Are You Fine With The Information Provided?

Test driving cars sold in online auctions is not possible but you can hire independent third-party auto inspectors to visit the auction lot and inspect a particular car on your behalf. For less than $120, you can get a 150 point inspection report before making your purchase decision.

In cases where you are trying to save, most auction houses provide as much information as possible about the listed cars. Go through this information thoroughly and with an extra $20 – $30, you can do a VIN check to ascertain the history of the car.

on, the VIN is publicly listed to help with your backchecks and inquiries so you can take advantage of that.

How Much Damage Has The Car Incurred, Can You Fix It?

How a vehicle was damaged could contribute meaningful suggestions on how it could be fixed. So if you’re buying a used car, you need to know if the vehicle has incurred some damage and if you can afford the cost of fixing it. Knowing the answer to both questions will help you decide if you want the car or not.

Does My Desired Car Suit My Environment?  

The pot-holes on Nigerian roads, flooded areas, rocky terrains, and other adverse road conditions must be considered before making a choice of car. You need to know if buying a particular type of car would give you comfort or bore a hole in your income due to significant maintenance costs.

Ford Explorer

If you buy a car that lacks the mechanical capacity to handle the poor roads, you’ll be spending more money on repairs. On the other hand, if you buy a car that suits the terrain, then you’ll be riding in comfort.

Whatever your decision is in the end, we hope you put into due consideration your budget, your desired car, environment, and the state of the car. Feel free to consult a representative of AAM on 08025307997 or simply visit for more information.