What Kinds of Cars Can I Find in Online Dealer Auto Auctions?

By Mike Richards Updated: 01/30/2018 Posted: 07/07/2017

Aside from the potential for incredible savings, one of the biggest benefits of buying a car in an online dealer auto auction is the selection. The websites that offer access to dealer auctions contain in inventory to measures in the thousands of vehicles. As auctions come and go, the vehicles available change too. This means that you are almost assured to find any kind of vehicle in dealer auctions online.

No doubt, that level of selection is a huge asset. However, it can also be something of a drawback. Often, new bidders can find themselves simply overwhelmed by the array of choices placed before them. In order to help cull through the listings and to find the car that will be right for you, it’s worth considering what kinds of vehicles you’ll find in online dealer auto auctions.

The Main Categories: Used and Salvage Cars

On the most basic level, the vehicles available in these auctions fall into one of two categories: used or salvage. Understanding what these categories entail can often help to ‘thin the herd’, so to speak.

Used cars are precisely what you think they are, no different than the kinds of used cars that you’d find on a dealership’s lot or elsewhere. In fact, many of the used cars you’ll find in online dealer auto auctions come from dealership lots. This happens when dealers need to make room for new inventory.

Salvage cars are what might confuse most newcomers to online dealer auto auctions. In a nutshell, these are vehicles that have had their insurance policies paid out at 75% or greater to the insured. This can happen due to a catastrophic accident or collision, but this is not the only way. For one, vehicles that are recovered after being stolen are designated as salvage, provided the policy was paid out. Further, remember that insurers will frequently pay out a policy as a matter of expedience rather than as an actuarial fact.

For the above reasons, there are many salvage cars that may be attractive to first-time bidders. Simply speak with your auction specialist to get a better handle on what’s out there, and you should be well on your way.

Online Dealer Auto Auctions: Perfect for All Auto Buyers

Beyond the main categories, you’ll be able to find cars of virtually any make and model. Of particular note to some auto buyers will be the array of classic and luxury vehicles available through these auctions. If you’ve been looking for a nice ride and are willing to pay cash up front, the potential for savings is great. Likewise, if you’ve been looking for a classic car to restore in your garage, online dealer auto auctions are a great place to start looking.

In the end, there’s really no class of auto buyer who should not give online dealer auto auctions a shot, from any country. With the choice they afford, along with the convenience and affordability, these auctions may just be the very best way to buy a car… Period!