What is Salvage title?

How Do I Know What I Really Need?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 06/20/2017

If you are shopping insurance salvage cars for sale for your own personal vehicle, then you probably have a pretty tight budget in mind and have been shopping around that. However, have you considered what else you may need in a vehicle? Simply shopping by price may not land you a car that will be worth the extra headache of dealing with an insurance salvage title. Here are some things to consider to make sure you get a car that works for your budget and for your life.

Assess What You Need

First, start by asking yourself what you really need in a car. Do you need to carry passengers regularly? Do you tend to drive a lot on the highway, or strictly in town? Are you going to have to navigate icy, snowy streets in the winter? Does your long commute make fuel economy important? Do you need to tow items, or haul a lot of cargo around? Where will you park your car, and do you have adequate space for something larger? These are all great questions to help you understand what you really need in a car.

These are all great questions to help you understand what you really need in a car.

Think of Cars as “Classes” Rather than Models

If you want to get the best deal by shopping insurance salvage cars, then you’ll need to get flexible when it comes to the exact make and model. Instead of narrowing down your needs to a Ford Focus, think of your need as “a midsized four-door sedan” and stick to that class when shopping.

You may also want to consider any repairs in the same way. Can you handle a car in need of heavy repair, or will only light damage be acceptable? Now you can narrow it down even more, while still remaining flexible enough to take advantage of the great deals you might find.

Inspect or Test as Much as You Can

Insurance salvage cars for sale often show up at auctions where test driving isn’t going to happen – sellers know these cars have serious damage, and test driving could lead to fewer sales for them. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t inspect the car.

IF you can’t bring a mechanic, then look the car over yourself. Pay attention to new floor mats or seat covers, and be sure to check underneath. Also be sure to watch for signs of electrical damage. This could be a sign of flood damage, which is almost always not worth buying.

Pick and Bid!

Now that you’ve done all of the above, you just need to pick a car and get to bidding. In person, this can be stressful but exciting, and you may not be able to win against bidding pros like car dealers. Online auto auctions can be an easy way to browse listings and to be heard in a crowd. You don’t even need a dealer license to shop the online auto auctions. Explore our Vehicle Auctions and find information on Buying With Us.