What is Salvage title? Car Insurance

Learn About Your Carrier’s Insurance Salvage Cars for Sale

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/26/2022 Posted: 09/05/2017

Have you ever had what you thought was a slight fender bender only to hear your insurance adjuster tell you that the car has to be totaled? Many of us are familiar with that scenario, and it is the first time we learn how insurance companies operate. Rather than invest in the repairs, they deem them too costly for the current value of the car, and so it is now salvaged.

So, what do insurance companies do with the vehicles they deem unworthy of restoration? Interestingly, they end up among auctions of insurance salvage cars for sale, and it is typically tough to find the channels through which they liquidate the salvage vehicles. Because of the risks, they never sell to the public or even through public auctions, and this is a shame because some of the vehicles could easily be spared.

Fortunately, you no longer have to dig around to find out where your carrier’s insurance salvage cars are for sale. Instead, you can work with an online, licensed dealer who will be able to offer you access to all of the locations where insurance salvage cars for sale. Not only that, they can also bid on vehicles of interest to you, enabling you to gain access to auctions where members of the public are never allowed. While it means you save a lot of money on a good car, there is a bit more to know about buying any insurance salvage cars for sale.

What Led to the Salvage Title?

One of the most important things to know about insurance salvage cars for sale is what led to their being totaled out and given a salvage title. You might look at a car and think, “there is absolutely nothing wrong with this picture…why did they junk it?” The answer could be shocking. It might have been stolen, taken on a joy ride and abandoned after days or even weeks of punishing driving. It could be a rescue from a flood. It might have been only slightly damaged and in need of cosmetic work that could cost a bit more than the insurance company wanted to pay.

You can start to get some clarity about this by purchasing a reliable VIN report. A good licensed dealer willing to do your bidding and buying will always make the VIN available. You can trace ownership and other details, gaining insight into what went on with the car prior to a salvage title. A good site is also going to give you images of the car, allowing you to see the current condition. You will also get simple facts like mileage, title status and more.

Weigh the Options

Once you know how it ended up salvage and have a reasonable idea of what is wrong with the car, you can determine how much it might take to repair it. You also need to calculate whether your state is alright with salvage titles and what that means for future insurance coverage. Though an insurance company might deem a car salvage, there are often great deals in the mix.