Maintenance Tips

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How to Extend The Lifespan Of Your Used Car in an Expensive Economy

In the past few years, inflation has been on the rise and the cost of living has skyrocketed. The pandemic had caused unforeseen disruptions to the supply chains but many …

8 hours ago
Maintenance Tips: How to Clear Maintenance Light in Toyota Tacoma 

The Maintenance light can come in many forms on different vehicles. Some as Check Engine Light (CEL) or “Service Engine Soon” lights with either yellow or red to indicate urgency. …

1 week ago
5 Essential Tips for Maintaining Electric Vehicles

As more and more people seriously consider making a switch to EVs, perhaps you’ve also considered making a switch to electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are eco-friendly and fast taking over …

7 months ago
Buyer Tips: 5 Most Important Parts to Replace After Buying Used Vehicle

Just purchased a used car or about to?

The excitement of finally getting the car of your dreams cannot be replaced. 
However, you need to manage your excitement by retraining yourself from …

7 months ago
Used Cars: Top 8 Common Electrical Issues in Auction Cars

Ready to make your first purchase? Here are a few pointers…
At used car auctions, cars with various conditions are auctioned – from salvage to flood-damaged vehicles and even clean title …

10 months ago updated 07/26/2022
8 Transmission Issues in Your Used Car To Watch Out For

Transmission issues most times take a toll on your bank balance because of the complexity of parts. Many times people are concerned about engine issues and neglect the transmission. Your …

10 months ago